Rio Olympics: Pastor's daughter from Lagos wins gold medal for USA

How did Nigerian athletes win gold medal for USA in the Olympic Games in Rio? What is line-up of the team and how many Nigerians are in it? Read the article to learn the latest details of one on the brightest event in Rio.

Rio Olympic Games

Unfortunately, Nigeria could not win gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games, which took place in Rio. But it is not an occasion to be upset. For any Nigerian it will be joyful to see American sportswoman of Nigerian origin, Morolake Akinosun, who is included in the list gold medal winners for USA at the games in Rio. 22-year Morolake Akinosun is a daughter of Pastor Wale and Pastor Foluke Akinosun. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, though she presented USA at the games.

Morolake is the American runner who was participating in the Summer Olympic Games of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and won gold in pan American Games of 2015 in Toronto in 4 x 100 meters with her teammates: Barbara Pierre, LaKeisha Lawson and Kaylin Whitney. She is the second woman who has won four NCAA Outdoor Championships in a row. Pastor's daughter is four times champion of NCAA in 4 x 400.

gold medal winners for USA

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American athletes have run a distance in 3 minutes and 19.06 seconds in Rio Olympics 2016, the correspondents tell. Silver medal was won by national team of Jamaica (3.20.34). The third place was taken by the British team (3.25.88). On August 19, on Rio Olympics, Americans have won the final of relay 4 on 100 meters. In qualification, they have lost a stick and finished the last. After that, the appeal jury of the International association of athletics federations (IAAF) has allowed an American team to run qualification of relay repeatedly. People in IAAF have decided that the stick has dropped out of hands of the American sportswoman because of Brazilian running too close to edge of the path.

In repeated running Americans have reached time 41.77 and have acquired the right to participate in final, having beaten out the Chinese team from it. The delegation of the People's Republic of China has at once given a protest to IAAF, but was rejected.

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