Rio Paralympics 2016: Who are Nigerian medalists?

Who are the Paralympics 2016 winners? Why Paralympic games showed greater results for Nigeria? Read more to find out!

Who are Nigerian gold medalists for today Paralympic games? Nigeria is the country where sport is not just a word. One of the greatest sports lovers of sport in Nigeria is football fans. Fortunately, the Nigeria national team did not make them down at the last Olympic Games. What about Paralympic sport? Do they have any chances against world best athletes? Nigerian athletes can show their best at the Paralympic Games in Rio. There are thousands, and even millions of fans watched the competition where Nigerians took part. Therefore, it means that Nigerian Paralympic team has large bonuses for playing in the national Olympics.

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Gold medal was taken by a Nollywood actress

It`s a hard destiny to be an actress in Nollywood. There are too much pressure and competition. Nevertheless, for some people it may not be enough. Laurita Onye with her shot put 8.40 m, provided to the collection of Nigeria not only a gold medal but also a new world record. Her scene name is Laury White. You might have known her from the starring Nollywood movie “Lords of Money” shot in 2015. She is not only a star of Nollywood but also a star of sports. Her acrobatic style in victory waving was nice to demonstrate to the whole group of people on the stadium.

More Olympic Medals

It`s a pity, but an Olympic team of Nigeria could only manage to bring one medal from Rio. It was a well known medal from Nigerian footballers. Nevertheless, they also managed to be memorized in the news for their connections with a Japanese doctor who gave them money. Paralympic athletes got more medals. In the treasury of the Nigeria national team, it can be count around six gold medals together with two silver medals and one bronze. Therefore, now Nigerian Paralympic sportsmen are in better position than the Olympic Team, and no the last team can`t change the situation.

It was not in the first time

Some Nigerians on Twitter can`t miss the point that the Nigerian national team brings fewer medals from Olympics than their colleagues from Paralympic side. There are obvious facts showed in the history of the National sport. In previous Olympic games at London, The Paralympic sportsmen managed to win thirteen medals, where their colleagues returned home with no medal for Nigeria. It also happened many times in 1996, 2000, 2004 and at Beijing Olympic Games. The Director of Nigerian National Sports Commission even pointed that the Olympians should be ashamed for bringing much fewer medals to the country.

How to break a record?

Who is Lucy Ejike? This pretty lady can definitely lift up at least two grown men together. She is a constant record breaker in weightlifting. She managed to win a gold medal in the women`s under-61 kg event. Her record and also a world record in this category is 142 kg.  She also managed to broke two more world records in Paralympic Games in Beijing 2008, when she competed in the category under-48 kg. She started to compete in the year 2000. Since then, she won three gold medals in Paralympic games. This 38-years old lady wheelchair lady can be a true example of victory.

Domination in Paralympic powerlifting

Unfortunately, Nigerians can show only results in powerlifting. There is only one medal which is not a powerlifting sport. Nevertheless, Paralympic dreams of Nigerians come true with nine medals in the collection of the country. So, far there are five powerlifting golds together with two silvers and one bronze. According to the government authorities, Nigeria is going to put money only in the sports where they can grant a competition. Therefore, it`s not an accident that powerlifters won so many medals for the country.

What are the consequences?

According to the Paralympic Games in Rio, Nigeria national team of Paralympic has shown much better results compare to their colleagues from the Olympic. Also, it should be made of an example of Lauritta Onye, she presented great results not only on the Nollywood but also on the Olympic stadium. Also, from the Paralympic, it`s shown that Nigerians have great results in powerlifting sports. Nevertheless, it`s not a coincidence, as the government is going to invest more money in this type of sports. The tremendous power of will provided the greatness to the Nigerians!

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