Shahin Nouri from Nigeria wins a MotorSport event in Belgium

Shahin Nouri, a Nigeria resident wins a MotorSport race! Who is the lucky winner? Why did he decide to prove that Nigerian is the best country? Find out the latest sport news here right now!

Shahin Nouri

Nigerian sport history has changed due to Nigerian Shahin Nouri, who won a popular MotorSport event in Belgium. Also the Belgian Grand Prix was situated on the same track some days ago.

However Nouri is a Swiss mam that met a beautiful Nigerian woman in France. That girl was Tatiana Moussalli, she was a daughter of the GMD of Wazobia FM, Cool FM, Cool TV and Wazobia TV. So he decided to stay in Nigeria and he has been living here since 2003.

nigerian motosport winner

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After he won, the beautiful Nigerian national anthem was on. It was for the first time in history of Nigeria! The beautiful Nigerian national anthem was played for a Motorsport victory at the popular F1 track of in Belgium. It is exactly the same track where Hamilton and Rosberg spend their Formula 1 race this weekend. Nouri exclaimed that he is very proud of this Motorsport news! It has put Nigeria at the very top!

moto sport

But just before the race Nouri had told that he have previously raced under the Swiss flag. However, this year the guy has decided to race only with the Nigerian flag. In order to promote Nigeria and not forget to prove the world that it is a truly great country. He added that he is very proud to live in Nigeria. His wife and also in-laws are Nigerians; also his kids are growing up in this country. It is interesting that Pidgin is their 3rd language.

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