Should you stretch sore muscles?

The long-lasting intensive trainings, exercises after a long break, and injuries can cause muscle pain, which persists for several days. This pain is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles, it can also provoke their swelling and inflammation, because it is a part of the muscle recovery process. The pain in our muscles can persist during five days, but however there are several ways to reduce and prevent muscle pain.

First, we will give some useful tips to get rid of pain in muscles:

  • You should have some rest. If you feel pain in the muscles, that small exercise will help to alleviate the pain. Also this workout is called "active recovery". Instead of just sitting and waiting that the muscle pain will pass, try to do easy aerobic exercise for 10-15 minutes and then do some stretching. It helps to increase blood circulation and, consequently, speed up the muscle recovery.

  • Take a bath with sea salt. Lie for about 30 minutes in a hot bath with sea salt - this will reduce the inflammation in the muscles.  The sea salt helps to remove toxins from the organism and improves the nervous system. You can buy the sea salt in any pharmacy.

  • Then go to a massage therapist. A good massage usually helps to relieve muscle pain. Massage relaxes and reduces the tension in muscles.

  • You can also warm up your muscles. You can use a hot water bottle or go to the sauna - this will help the muscles to relax. It’ll be very good if you warm up the muscles before exercise for active recovery. This ensures that your muscles are warm and ready to do the exercise.

  • Sleep more. The organism recovers better during sleeping. The lack of sleep (usually it is less than seven hours) prevents the development of substances in the organism that affects muscle recovery. These chemicals are produced only during the deep stages of sleep.

  • Try to follow the good nutrition. Food, which is rich in protein and fatty acids, helps the muscles to recover. Try to consume about 20 grams of high quality protein every few hours. Fatty acids are found in nuts, seeds and fish. To get enough fatty acids, you can also eat two capsules of fish oil daily.

  • Drink more. To prevent pain in your muscles is very important to drink enough. Drink water before exercise. During the day you should drink 30 grams of water per kilogram of weight. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, you will need to drink 2.1 l of water.

  • Observe the daily routine and workouts. If you exercise regularly, your muscles will recover faster. Regular training helps to prevent muscle soreness and in addition reduces the risk of muscle pain in case of injury.

  • The stretching exercises of muscles and the effect of them are underestimated by many people, when in fact the correct stretching is not only the plasticity and flexibility of the muscles. Thanks to the complex of stretching exercises you can relieve tension from the neck and shoulder girdle, improve your posture, get rid of stress and always be in a good mood.

With leading fitness instructors, we have tried to make a selection of the best exercises for stretching, which are used as warm-up by athletes. On their basis you will have the simple and effective exercises for stretching the abdominal muscles, legs, arms and back. It will be ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes, because it helps to maintain the elasticity and muscle strength and to improve blood circulation and mood.

And what is the most important, that our complex of exercises for stretching does not require much time or special equipment and in a week it gives great results. Don't you believe? Then just try it, and you won’t be disappointed!


Any exercises, for example, to stretch of the leg muscles or stretching of back, can be done in two ways:

1. in case of passive stretching, during the exercises the muscles are exposed to external factor, for example, coach. Here the muscles stretch very slowly and reduce in active movements with gradually increasing tempo.

2. the active stretching it is stretching of the muscles and maintaining them with other muscle groups, which are stretched in the opposite direction.

Any stretching exercise you must do very carefully to exclude the possibility of muscle strain or other injuries. It is extremely important before any stretching exercises do the warm up (exercise bike, skipping rope or just running) for a few minutes. Only then you can begin to do the stretching.


The stretching of legs is a complex of exercises, in which work the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, hamstrings, calves, ankles, shins. As a result, the ligament become flexible, increases the range of motion, and then appears flexibility of the body.

These stretching exercises of the leg muscles can not only prepare the lower extremity for a deeper stretch, required for the splits but it will help to stretch of the abdominal muscles and tighten the buttocks. All items should be completed in a specific order, there are no pauses among them.

After a short break (2-3 minutes), begin to stretch of the legs. All the elements make with the variable stress on muscles and ligaments. Do the transition from stress to relaxation. This will prevent rupture of the ligaments, and injuries.

Do your stretching exercises of leg every day and regularly, because it is especially important in the first time. So the muscles and ligaments of the legs will be constantly in good shape.


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The health of the spine is responsible for the health of the whole organism. to get rid of the syndrome of fatigue and discomfort, and to restore the normal position of the vertebrae, it is necessary to do exercise for stretching of back muscles. Do these simple elements about 10-20 minutes a day and you will be ensured to get the relaxation and well-being of the spine.

The stretching exercises of back muscles ensure the normal operation of the spine.

Exercises for stretching of the spine include not only stretching of back but also exercises for stretching of arms. This complex will eliminate the feeling of pain in the neck, shoulder joints and allow you to forget about the complaints of back pain. Exercises for back stretching will help the spine to prevent the back problems.

Enjoy your exercises and do it with fun and pleasure and be healthy!

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