Stephen Keshi will be Orlando Pirates' coach, is it truth?

Have you heard the latest news? Is Stephen Keshi really becoming a new coach for Orlando Pirates?! Learn more about it here!

There are a lot of gossips about Orlando Pirates now. The reason for that is the amount of rumours about Stephen Keshi becoming their new coach. So is it true and is it good news? Let’s find out!


Stephen Keshi

Stephen Okechukwu Keshi is famous for being a Nigerian coach and football player. An exciting fact is that he is the one who got the Africa Cup. There was only one other person to do the same thing. It was Mahmoud El Gohary who comes from Egypt.

What is even more interesting, Keshi is one of the Igbo.

A few years ago he was the head of Nigeria’s team. He led his team to winning the African Cup. They beat everyone, including Côte d'Ivoire and Mali.

The year 2013 was very lucky for the Nigerian team as they had a lot of wins in a row. We are still very proud of those matches and the players. What makes Stephen Keshi special is that he was the first coach from Nigeria who won this cup.

Is he going to become a coach?


The rumours say that the deal will be made by the end of the week but there’s no certain answer to this question yet.

“Honestly I'm shocked to hear this,” Keshi told to the journalists.

Keshi says that he is shocked to always hear such things from journalists. He says that he doesn’t discuss things like that with anyone.

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Moreover, if some of his managers did that, he would have been aware of that. However, he doesn’t absolutely deny it. Keshi thinks that he is open to any kind of suggestions and that anything is possible.

It is also likely that he actually went to South Africa to make some kind of a contract, but the reviews can’t be seen to be absolutely true.

His manager denies that there was any communication between Keshi and others. But they don’t say that they would mind it.

There’s no certain information about the future of the current Pirates coach now too.

Most of the media in Nigeria still insist that Keshi will be the next coach.


The Buccaneers are looking for the new head coach anyways.

The job of Keshi with Super Eagles is now over so he is open to the new suggestions.

Stephen Keshi’s agent in SA, however, also doesn’t confirm the news.

What he says is that it would never have been his goal to become the Pirates coach. He also says that his only goal was to keep up with SA and that’s where he is going. Sukazi also mentions that Keshi only needed a place in the country and so he found it now which is satisfying enough.

Moreover, a lot of Nigerian articles claim that Keshi already signed the contracts with the Orlando Pirates. But Thandi Merafe denies it all. She says nothing like that ever happened or would ever happen.

In 2014 Keshi led his team to the Brazil World Cup.  They also won the Africa Cup of Nations in SA in 2013. At first the coach was going to run for the Bafana Bafana post.  However, Shakes Mashaba was first to get it.

Sukazi claims that if Pirates say that they need a new coach they should claim it officially. And once they do it they might think of the substitute. He says that he won’t reject them and they might actually help them and maybe Keshi will become their coach this way.


“I can confirm to you that yesterday evening Keshi received a call from a high placed staff of Orlando Pirates congratulating him on the job; all things been equal it will be wrapped up before the end of this week,” that’s what was reported by him a few days ago.

Keshi is an absolutely talented and great coach and player. However, the rumours of him becoming an Orlando Pirates are not confirmed. Yet there’s no absolute denial too.

We can only wait for the media to tell us good news. However, everyone has a different opinion about it. Who knows how the team will perform after their head coach was switched to a completely different person?

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