SummerSlam 2016: Winners and Best Performances

Which fights in the Summer Slam were the most spectacular ones? Learn about winners and grades of the Summer Slam 2016.

summerslam 2016

American Alpha impressively beat up The Usos, who has received a pin. They have had so much tension during the opposition and it seemed like they were having a real feud. Still, AA won and this victory was overwhelming.

At the Grade 6, Sami Zayn with Neville overcame Dudley Boys, working as a team with fancy chemistry, perfect duos and their collaboration in the team was much more spectacular that Boys did. Zayn used his famous Kick Heluva, finishing the opponent with Red Arrow element.


At the Grade 7, Sheamus overwhelmed Cesaro, heating up from the beginning to the middle. In it, these two were extremely brutal to each other, kicking and pinning with high dynamics. Cesaro was doing his well-known flying jumps-and-hits, while Brouge Kick by his opponent surely finished this, one of the most exciting matches.

7.5 Grade ended with JeriKo’s victory over Big Class & Enzo. The match started with thrilling notes, but whilst the fight, defeated ones were losing energy rapidly. Enzo’s in-ring capacities were lower that Big Class explicitly shown, but still JeriKo is the winner eventually of the Summer Slam as of date August 22.


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Grade 6 – AJ Styles defeated John Cena. This was a real clash, not a fight. The opponents used all their power to tear off the victory from each other, including elbows, kicks and maneuvers. Cena’s eventual defeat was even booed by many and for multiple reasons he even left his armband on the ring. The drama ended on the high note, though.

In the same grade, Dean Ambrose was a winner over D. Ziggler, preserving his championship in this sweaty clash, leaving his spirit high and not overwhelmed.


In the grade 5.5 Finn Balor unexpectedly won over Seth Rollins, winning the title of WWE Universal. Though he had never have this title before, this extremely promising young fighter was looking like an ancient god of war during the fight and camera also liked him. Someone even call his career insanely streamlined and fast.

summerslam 2016

A few could expect, grabbing their tickets on this series of fights, that he wins the title over the most experienced fighter of WWE. This fellow’s fight and its perplexing result can be named as the most surprising event in the entire SummerSlam 2016.

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