Up to 7 steps how to define fake adidas shoes?

We are not so rich to buy cheap things. Greedy person always pays twice. If you want to be sure your Adidas shoes are not fake read the article below.

Long time ago, in 1969, Adidas produced  a new model of shoes for basketball. For the first time basketball players were offered a light basketball leather shoes of a special model. Rubber  soft  sole held the grip with the floor very well, leaving no traces. The model was really nice and comfortable and  professional basketball players  liked it very much.  Adidas supported  and reinforced  such an interest. Very soon, two-thirds of NBA players went  out on the basketball court in famous sneakers  with a "three stripes" logo  . Following their idols, all basketball fans also changed their old shoes in favor of Adidas. In addition, light and comfortable leather sport shoes  worked  perfectly for everyday usage.

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It is difficult to find  more comfortable shoes than sneakers. This type of sports shoes  is ideal for jogging, playing a variety of sports, walking. There are many companies that produce  sports clothing, footwear and accessories, trusted by people all over  the world.  At the same time, trying to buy original brand-named   shoes,  is not always possible or seems difficult.  Unfortunately, at present there are many companies producing fake. Ignorant people will be glad to have found a brand shoes for a low price, but after some time quality will speak louder than words.

How to distinguish the original Adidas  from the fake?

How to identify the Adidas shoes for originality? How to know what you're going to pay money  for a  high quality pair of shoes but not for a brand  imitation?  Now we will try to describe  the points you need to pay attention to when buying Adidas  running shoes . Some ideas  will be especially interesting for those who want to make a purchase of sneakers in the online store. So , let us start!

Times,  when finding a label - Made in China- could be a special shock, have already gone into history. Adidas, as well as all the major manufacturers, in order  to save  spending,  have placed their main factories  in Asian countries. As a matter of fact, it helps to significantly reduce the cost  of  shoes, and therefore the price for the consumers.

Back to basics

If you have already decided which  model to buy, or vice versa, you are only  selecting it - use the official site!  In the first case - for visual verification of conformity of the chosen model (necessary in the case of buying shoes  online), the second - in order to be ready for the future purchase offline.  We find the correct model look at the appearance and colors presented. If the seller provided no color on the official website – it is a fake. They generally are characterized by a variety of colors.  Congratulations, the first stage is over. Also pay attention to the price on the official website - what you are going to buy can cost just a little less, but not have the least price because of  the "total elimination".

Quality fabrics

Pay attention to the quality of the fabric - Adidas uses only high-quality materials. That is nowhere to hang extra threads and lint, everything should be neat and beautiful. Stitched flat seams that do not move out, plus there are no  any glue tracks.  The same quality should be  outside and inside of the shoe! Often the sole is stitched additionally, seams should be hidden.

Furthermore, Adidas logo embossing is performed instead of the sticker. Pay attention to the tongue, heel and insole. The difference between the seams on the original and not original -  in the original model  the left seam is hidden.

Serial number

According to the experts, within each and every Adidas sneakers shoe the serial number must be on the label, but  different for the left and the right shoe. On the fakes the numbers are either absent or are identical. This is the information source, BUT! At the time of writing this article, I double-checked the serial numbers on his Adidas shoes bought in the official store. Serial numbers  were everywhere, but the same on both sneakers. Hence the conclusion - their presence is necessary for the original Adidas shoe, but they are not necessarily different.

Rivets and heel

If the holes for lacing enclosed in metal rivets - with high probability  you  have a fake in your hands. In any case, consult the official site and view this detail again. Also, if  there is a small  uncut triangle  on the back shoe side it shows that you are holding a fake. The triangle on the back side of sneakers  immediately gives the idea of not originality.


Be sure before a purchase that you are suggested  an extra pair of laces that come with your Adidas. These laces are tightly and accurately packed in transparent  polyethylene bags.

Packaging and label

Be sure to read everything on the original packaging - the box in which you have bought shoes (or in which your are brought for you to try on in the store). Compare all that is stated on the label inside the shoe  and that is indicated on the box - everything has to be the same. Be sure the label should be original without errors. Remember , this pair of shoes can have  random errors or mistakes. If even one letter is not the same ,be sure  it is a fake.

That's all. Hope these tips will be useful for you. Now you know how to idenify the original Adidas from a fake Adidas shoes.

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