Was WWE star Paige truly arrested?

Do you watch WWE? Moreover, have you heard that Paige, the WWE star, was arrested a few days ago? Read the article to know more!

wwe paige

The internet and the world of WWE are full rumors that WWE star Paige was arrested on Sunday night. It happened before she failed to beat Charlotte for the Women’s Championship. Let us figure out what really happened.

  The circulating of these rumors began Monday. They said that Paige had been arrested at or during Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.
  There is a possibility that it happened after an altercation involving Alberto Del Rio, her partner, a story resulting from a tweet of Roman Reigns that depicts Paige taken by police.

wwe paige

   There was an online discussion that Paige’s “arrest” was fictitious and it all was made up for an upcoming edition of either Total Divas or the WWE Network show Swerved.
   However, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the incident was legitimate, and police near Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas took Paige.
   The Las Vegas Metro Police Department claims that they were outside of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas at night for an unrelated incident when they called up for a female who was seen running into the streets. After she was detained, they took her to hospital for undisclosed reasons.

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   According to Forbes magazine, the exact details of the situation are unclear, sources have confirmed that there were no charges filed against Paige and that she is not in the hospital, but WWE is still conducting a further investigation into the incident.

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