What are must have workout supplements?

You desire to become a bodybuilder? Then you need to read this article to find out all must have workout supplements for you!

must have workout supplements

One of the most workable questions to every bodybuilder is what must workout supplements should be used in pre, during and post-workout diet? These must have workout supplements are essential for your results, recovery period and energy burst? What is so important in must have pre, during and post workout supplements? What products should be included in pre, post and during workout supplements? What are workout supplements for beginners?

supplements for beginners

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Feeding you muscles

What is eating for a bodybuilder? It`s one of the essential parts of a successful body. Therefore, if you desire to be a superman in this activity, then you need to workout not only your muscles but also your workout in the appetite and food. Therefore, you need to monitor and know how much you eat. You shouldn`t eat too little or too much. Nevertheless, if a bodybuilder wants to gain maximum results he needs to monitor nutrition timing.

If you could take your time to eat at least once in a day perfectly well and healthy, then it would do your workout.  Nevertheless, if you desire to have maximum results in no time, then you would need to feed your body well all the time. It includes consuming food every two-three hours while you are awake. Still, it should be around workout time, when muscles are hungry for food. Your nutrition is a key element for supplying of your muscles during a workout. It does not mean that exercises are not important, but your muscles grow when they have enough fuel to grow in other circumstances, you may just tear them down. Workout supplements for men and women can be different as we are obviously not the same. Moreover, you would also need to pay special attention to the workout supplements for beginners. You would need to monitor your nutrition as it will help you to build muscles.

Workout supplements

Workout supplements

Eating before a workout is one of the essential parts for the constructing of your body. For the best performance of your body, it`s needed to be maintaining a perfect anabolic state during the time of muscular stress. If you eat nice after your workout sessions, it will help you to restore the balance of your body and make your muscles stronger. Therefore, you would need the knowledge of how specifically feed your muscles before, during and after workout sessions. Here you may suggest few ways make pre, during and post-workout nutrition easy and adaptable for you. It`s also needed to work out on your cardio.

It`s also needed to pay attention to your cardiovascular activity. You should decide what would you eat before, during and post cardio. In this article will be presented some receipts that can help you noticeably gain muscle weight. It will also help you to gain maximum results from your workout. Moreover, your cardio is also essential for good health and nice body.  Nevertheless, eating is the key step in the construction of your body, you should not underestimate healthy nutrition habits.

Pre-workout supplements

You would need to eat before your workout session as it can be the best way to restore your energy levels in muscles. You would need to have large meals to restore your workout supplements in the body and keep your energy stores. It will allow you to lift maximum and build your muscles strong. Without having decent pre workout meal, your muscles might feel empty inside. You shouldn`t take low carbohydrate food as it may provide addition tension to muscles. Do not take limited or restrictive diet in your pre-workout supplement.

Moreover, you would need to use food for energy pre-workout. You may use few effective workout supplements. They can boost your energy bars, provide more blood flow and give you focus to continue the extensive workout. These things are essential for your workout condition and energy restoring.

Working out hungry

Working out hungry

It`s gradually the worst idea that can come to your brains. Just try to imagine if your car does not have enough fuel to move, then your motor can be destroyed in any second. Our body can perfectly workout the same tactics. Therefore, having some good meal in pre-workout is necessary to see some difference in your gaining muscles. You may not feel the difference if you are hungry on some less taxing exercises, like biceps movement, but if you try deadlift, then you will see the difference. Therefore, you need to have a proper meal.

Body energy

Consuming food before your workout can work only one main purpose for your life as a bodybuilder – it gives you energy. It refills your body glycogen or metabolized carbohydrates. When you consume these carbohydrates, your body breaks them to glucose and this glucose helps you to restore glycogen bars connected to the muscles and liver. If you desire to perform your best during training sessions, then try to work out with carbs.

Protein as energy

If you work hungry, then you may have something more than just temporary weakness. If you do not feed yourself, then your body might get another source of energy, which burns inside you. The choice of your body would be amino acids. Amino acids can be readily converted to the glycogen if the carbohydrates are absent. This process is called gluconeogenesis. These amino acids may come from your stomach or protein shake, but it will compromise your muscle changes if they are not fed. Therefore, no eating may cause some problems with amino acids balance. Think about working out properly with enough energy.

How to create your pre-workout meal?

How to create your pre-workout meal?

If you desire to structure your workout meal, you would need to make a choice of two leading meals it`s very straight forward approach. Three macronutrients are needed to pay attention: fats, protein, and carbohydrates. There are no calories here; it may only include some ideas that every calorie plays a particular role that provides maximizing effects of your body potency.


If you desire to achieve a superior glycogen level, then you may try to get a bunch of carbohydrates for starters. Even old-school bodybuilders, like Schwarzenegger, could rely only on the carbohydrates sources that could provide more energy to him and his source of muscles. Therefore, he decided to stick to the whole grain food, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.



Next must workout supplement for you would be proteins. These things are used by your body to build your muscles. It`s needed to consume proteins at least one time in two-three hours. You would need to shoot from twenty to thirty grams of proteins from a high-quality protein source. This source can be:

  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Tuna Fish
  • Chicken

You would need to minimize the level of fats you take. Fats may slow your food consumption, and you need all this food to be streamed right to the muscles without slowing down of your energy. Fat might be coming in forms as a trace of fats. It means that fat that you should consume before your workout may come in the forms of your carbohydrates and proteins. There is no need to stick to the consuming only fats in this time. Try to stick to the proteins and carbohydrates.

How much do you need?

What should you eat out of these nutrients? If you are a bodybuilder, you shouldn`t stick to the calorie counting. You would need to stick to the eat carbs that would satisfy your taste. Only in this way you may find some energy for your muscles. And you will not get a lethargic feeling. If you desire to low your fat level, then you may get some ideas of lowering carbohydrates consumption. You would still need to get 25% or 33% of day`s carb to feel restored.

What if you double pre-workout meal?

If you desire to get a maximum of your workout, then you would need to leave some space for extra calories. If your diet can add some proteins, then try to add them. In this way, you may get your muscle glycogen restored and establish a good level of energy for your working out.

Eat more for cardio

Eat more for cardio

The intense workout is not only the reason you may want to have a lot of supplies for today. It`s needed to fuel your body when you do cardio. You need to provide your body with nutrients for each type of cardio you like. If you use cardio even on the growing stage of muscles, you still get maximum results while working out.

Cardio with low intensity

These cardio sessions include some jogging and biking in the GYM. You should be well hydrated during these exercises and get some light sweat. The most glycogen sparing cardio is low intensity. Therefore, it uses most free fatties here. Therefore, you do not need to eat your amino acids before and after.

Maximum Cardio always means some exercises with maximum efforts for 10-30 seconds and active recovery for one minute. The best method to perform this cardio is to find a right way for sprinting. High-intensity exercises for cardio can work as iron pumping. Therefore, you would need to eat cardio carbonates.

Which pre-workout meals are easy and effective?

Which pre-workout meals are easy and effective?

In this section, you may find some interesting variations on how to prepare your meal filled with a good amount of proteins and carbs and almost no fats. Therefore, you may get four variations of a perfect meal as best workout supplements for your body.

Pre-workout meal number one

  • Cottage cheese
  • Chicken breast
  • Oats
  • Wheat Bread

This meal includes many carbs and proteins for food. Try to prepare everything together. Like you need to prepare oats and chicken breast then get wheat bread toasts and cover it with cheese. Combine all together in one perfect sandwich. If you eat like every day, you may find that you gain mass much faster, then ever. Moreover, the taste is really good.

Pre-workout meal number two

  • Lettuce
  • Oats
  • Nonfat turkey burger
  • Whole wheat bun

Try to use two turkey burgers, two buns and some oats on top. Lettuce is a perfect match to the turkey burgers.

Pre-workout meal number three

  • Cup of milk
  • Whey protein
  • Big bowl of oats

This is the simplest option for people to get ready their protein menu. You just need to mix milk and whey protein and eat oats.

Cardio meal

Cardio meal

  • Whey protein shake
  • Tuna fish

Just try to mix it and eat together, it will be the wonderful meal. Nevertheless, do not chew down everything at once before a workout. It may cause some digestion problems. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some rules.

Allow your digestion to work

It`s needed to give some time between meals for your pre-workout and workout session. Therefore, it`s needed to be included the fact that the food should be digested into muscles. If you eat food and then start workout immediately, then you might get a chance that your food will not be digested enough and your body will not tolerate it. Therefore, you need to give your stomach a proper quantity of time to digest your food.

Your stomach can be a very sensitive thing to everything. If you got too much food for it, like two cups of oats plus wheat toast sloshing and cheese, then go jogging, then you have quite a reason to vomit on the first kilometer. Nevertheless, some people may work out without feeling sick for some time when the stomach is full. Nevertheless, it`s temporary, and you may find that they have met with a toilet after ten or twenty minutes of workout.

How long should you wait after the meal?

According to the medical journals, it`s needed to take up to two hours after the meal to start exercising. This will give your level of carbohydrates, enough time to be digested and metabolized to glycogen. It may allow you to leave the feeling of sickness.

Best workout supplements

Best workout supplements

You can find tons of best supplements to use for your knowledge. These supplements can give you an extra boost of energy. Moreover, you might get your nutrition much faster. You can meet various supplements that can provide intensity and focus. Moreover, some supplements help you stimulate iron in your muscles.

Stimulants for energy rush

One of the most rational solutions for boosting your energy during workouts is energy rush workout supplements. The products contain the spike of energy chemicals that give you a new level of exercises.

ErgoPharm AMP

You can use ErgoPharm as super unique energy boost product, which uses chemical Geranamine, that can simply work as adrenaline. This product consists of Germaine as adrenaline boost and Chocamine that provides you caffeine for energy in physical exercises. You may need to give a shot for AMP if you feel that you don`t get enough energy boost.

Dymatize AMP`d

You shouldn`t confuse with Dymatize with the previous product. The producer of this supplement has always been a trustworthy company. It means you need to take a shot with this supplement. It`s considered to be more as a fat burner. People who try to lose weight may benefit more from this supplement. AMPd uses a great variety of substances, like green tea and caffeine that allow your energy to flow in veins. This is a great choice for people with cutting diet. It will help to illuminate the reduction of carbohydrates and provide best pre-workout supplement possible.

Increase mental focus

Increase mental focus

You can provide your workout ideas not only with stimulants that boost your energy but also with some increasing of focus for your workout. If you can`t finish your workout in time or you are so bored in making workout, then these products are exactly what you need.

MRM Driven

MRM is the best workout supplement that can give you a boost of energy for everything in the GYM and provide mental focus during exercises. It contains L-tyrosine and citrulline malate to add some benefits for your body consumption. If you desire to improve your mental focus, then MRM driven can be the best workout supplement for this.

SciViation NeuroStim

SciViation is one of the best workout supplements for increasing your mental focus and giving you an energy boost. This product contains huperzine A, DMA, and vinpocetine. For improving your brain function, SciViation also has Choline and L-creatinine. NeuroStim can boost your mental supplies to the high level.

Vein-busting pump

It`s the best way to increase your power elements and boost your ego supplies.

XYience NOX-CG3

It`s the product that can perfectly contain three different creatines and three different glutamines at the same time. One of the key element that should come to your eyes is arginine that allows consumption and muscle pump at the same time.

White Blood

White Blood

White blood is one of the best workout supplements that can easily become your favorite. It enhances blood transport in veins and contains arginine and taurine. It`s another unique supplement to pump your muscles up.

Post workout shakes

If you go for example to the whole group of muscles at once for your sake in the same day, then you would need to follow the ideas of preparing some post workout shakes. If your muscles do not get enough nutrition, then you might get everything in vain. Therefore, for the sake of your muscles, try to keep some shakes after your workout and get these shakes directly to your muscles.

Keep Energy level up

If you sip your shakes, you do it not just for taste, but for pumping your muscles with an energy you need. Constant sipping of the products might get some ideas of adding more carbohydrates into your body. Therefore, you need to constantly sip shakes to keep your energy level at the right balance.

Reverse Catabolic

Reverse Catabolic

If you consume proteins and carbohydrates during your workout sessions, then you might get some ideas of not dropping your sugar level in blood off. It can be called very anti-catabolic. If you sip during workout process, you may help your muscles to prevent any breakdown.

 Construction workout shake

If you desire to put together your workout shake, then you would need to take few things in mind. One of the first is a nutrient content for your shake. Then you would need to choose taste. And the last thing is that you need to include a great deal of water.

Nutrient content

Nutrient content

If you desire to make your during workout shake, then try to keep attention to the three macronutrients that you need to include, like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. If you have a too sensitive stomach, then try to mix the shake with only whey protein.  

Try to add some Brach Chain Amino Acid product, like Sciviation Xtend. You would need to take as many spoons of this supplement as your weight allows you. Then try to add some Whey protein to this shake. One of the best proteins is Bioplex Whey Protein. Purchasing it through the internet is easy. Try also address carbohydrate content. Carbs are the most anti-catabolic elements that prevent your sugar level in blood from dropping. It can prevent hormonal changes that provided by muscle breakdown. NOW Dextrose is one of the most efficient forms of carbohydrates possible. You would need to add one or two spoons of NOW Dextrose to your shake. The last element for all of this is fat. Nevertheless, be attentive with fats as you don’t need to slow the absorption of your nutrients.  


You might think that taste is not that important in a case of bodybuilding. Only functionality may provide you the best way in getting supplements. Nevertheless, it`s better to choose the exact flavor of the protein you like. It’s not necessary for muscles, but it`s necessary for your consumption of shakes. You will drink gladly proteins with flavors, like bananas, strawberries or chocolate. In the other case, you may find that you are sick of the taste for your during workout shake and it might find its way in the toilet.

Water content

Water content

It`s one of the main branches for your workout shake. You can easily be dehydrated during a workout. It means that you need a great deal of water supplement to refill your lost water. Therefore, do not rely on the little amount of water in your shake. It can only make things worse with dehydration of your body. Try to go to the water fountain at least two times during your workout session to avoid dehydration of your muscles and problems with the body.

Example of during workout shake

Example of during workout shake

This example of the workout shake is pretty heavy on proteins. Still, it might get you the great results to your body and muscles.

  • Two scoops of Sciviation Xtend
  • Two tablespoons of Now dextrose
  • Two scoops of Whey Protein
  • Add 20 ounces of water
  • Mix

Post workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition

Now you get to the final point of your nutrition cycle for one day of your nutrients. You had your last sips of your during workout shakes; now you are ready for muscular repairing process. It`s enough for the best pre and during workout supplements. Now it comes the part of the best post workout supplements. The post workout level is the best period to take nutrients to your body. It`s the period when your body needs nutrients and rest. You fought with your muscles tearing down from your exercise with shakes, now it goes to the whole meal in your post-workout recovery process. Your meals in post workout period should be taken in thirty-forty minutes after your workout. This is the right time for your body to take a ridiculous amount of food to restore the balance. Still, you need to pay more attention to proteins and carbs for your body.


If you drink in your during workout period to keep your glycogen level at balance, then you need to post workout shake to restore the muscles` glycogen level completely. This idea is extremely important if you desire to train for few days without rest. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are strong enough to continue your workout sessions. Moreover, you would need to consume dextrose in your during workout shake; it means that your body insulin might be quite high in thirty-forty-five minutes. After that time, your insulin level will go down below normal, if you do not eat enough food in your post workout supplements, filled with carbohydrates. Moreover, you should remember that the best time for consuming carbohydrates is after your workout. It will give you addition boost to your blood, which provides everything to muscles. With insulin level high with the help of your post workout shake, your muscles may take even more carbohydrates. If you consume more carbohydrates directly after your workout, then you might limit the amount of fat you take into your body. It means better consumption of elements by your body.


Protein is a famous block construction of muscles. It`s very important element for proper recovery. Amino acids and protein are two main things that can help you to rebuild your muscles. It means that you can come back to the workout pretty fast. It`s needed a combination of whey protein and meat source for the meal. The whey protein can perfectly provide you with a Branch Chain Amino Acid content. This content might be absorbed a little bit faster. It will give you a steadier supply of proteins. Try not to consume any dairy products after your workout. Dairy products might slow down your digestion process which also means a slowdown of your recovery process. The casein proteins contained in dairy products might create coatings in the stomach. You can easily drink some milk with your protein shake, but do not get crazy with other dairy products, like cheese.


Fats should be minimized in your meal. If you desire that your muscles grow as fast as possible, then you need to limit your fat as muscles will not grow with too much fat.

Dietary fat can be quite a joy for bodybuilders and extremely beneficial for your health. Some fats might even increase the testosterone level in your blood, which is extremely helpful for your muscles. Moreover, even slowing of your digestion might be beneficial for your if you go to bed.

Meals quality

Meals quality

In this article, you might find the best post workout meal. You might need to decide which one you like the most. You might even notice that post workout supplements and pre-workout supplement might look the same. Nevertheless, it the way things should be. The necessary elements for both meals are pretty much the same. Moreover, it`s necessary to mention that quantity of food is not to be mentioned here as everyone needs exactly different amount of food depending on weight.

Post workout meal number one

  • Salmon
  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Banana
  • Whey protein

You may not need tips to understand what can happen here and what should you eat. Try to use a blender and mix everything in it. It tastes great. Do not mix salmon and potatoes; you can eat it later in no mix.

Post workout meal number two

  • Egg protein powder
  • Whey protein
  • Oats

Just mix it in a blender and use after your workout.

Post workout meal number three

  • Milk
  • Whey protein
  • Sweet potato
  • Whole wheat bun
  • Non-fat turkey

It`s one of the basic meals that is filled with proteins and carbs. Just try to eat everything at once!

Post cardio meal

Post cardio meal

  • Chicken breast
  • Whey Protein

You can`t see too many carbs in this cocktail. This food is worked for the low-intensity cardio session.

The best workout supplements to speed your recovery

You may take few effective supplements to get your body restored in the post workout period. Moreover, a lot of them are your basic supplements that you have in your treasury. Here you may find five best post workout supplements:

Branch amino acids

This term you might have seen for few times in the article. They are extremely effective for taking nutrients to recover your muscles in the post workout period.

Whey protein

Whey protein

It`s an another best workout supplement that can do the best for post workout period. It also has BCAA component and can be more effective than just protein. Therefore, try to take some whey protein to be sure to have enough lean protein for your food.


Dextrose is the best element for your life as a bodybuilder if you desire to recover fast. Dextrose can perfectly cause insulin strike which is provided with the tremendous amount of proteins and carbs to repair your muscles. A dextrose is a just form of sugar; that can help you with muscles.

Creatine products

You may fight many creatine products for your post workout recovery. They all created to increase the level of absorption for your muscles. Therefore, if you take more of creatine, your muscles may get more beneficial nutrients. It means that they recover much faster, and you may get fewer problems with them.

Citrulline Malate

 It`s one of the new products available on the market. Therefore, you might not recognize it by name. Nevertheless, it does not mean that this product is not effective enough in your recovery of muscles. Citrulline Malate might not be that popular on the bodybuilding scene, but it has been used in medicine for years. It helps to recover the muscle weakness. This product is one of the best variants to get your performance in the GYM at best level. Moreover, you might recover with Citrulline Malate in almost no time. Just try this new workable supplement.

Cardio post workout meal

As it was previously mentioned in this article. It`s needed to pay special attention to your food in pre-workout cardio level and post workout cardio level.

Low-intensity cardio Glycogen

It`s proven, that low-intensity cardio should be glycogen sparing. It means that it uses free fatty acids as the source of energy. It`s not your muscles stores with metabolized carbohydrates. You may get some with just jogging and consuming proteins after few hours from the jogging.

High-intensity cardio

High-intensity cardio has never been easy. When you got your high-intensity cardio, you may need to consume a pre-workout meal, like after weight controlling session. High-intensity cardio provides weight training than actual cardio. You need to find an advantage in nutrition uptake of muscles. It`s needed to reload your muscle glycogen stores.

Post workout important moments

Post workout important moments

If you desire to get serious in lifting a weight, then you would need to pay extreme attention to the post workout supplements. You might have heard for thousands of ties, that your muscles do not gain real power during your workout sessions, but you can get some power within the recovery sessions. The exact opposite happens in your post workout session. Your muscles are damaged after a super workout, and they need some time to be restored. Therefore, eating fast food after your workout session is not the best idea. It`s the worst idea in terms if you desire to gain some weight. When your workout is finished, the protein breakdown goes up. Moreover, your glycogen level has been sliced out from your workout session.

If you do nothing about protein breakdown, then your muscles can not gain enough power to be restored. Therefore, a muscle that currently existed might get lost. It`s not the best picture for people who tries to gain some weight. If you don’t get your glycogen stores replenished, then you might not get the peak of condition that you desire.

What should you do immediately after workout

It`s quite important to get a quick meat after your workout session. Nevertheless, your meal shouldn`t be huge chicken. It means a small meal that can be easily digested. If you don`t take this meal immediately, then you might get some loss in power. Your condition might get worse. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is getting some liquid meal; that can be easily absorbed. Therefore, you can note that right after your workout, it`s needed to make three things:

  • You need to replenish quickly your glycogen stores
  • Stop your protein breakdown
  • Elevated protein synthesis

Few hours after workout

Few hours after workout

It`s the time when you get your action meal prepared. Not just shakes. Therefore, you might get few options for this. You may try to create some insulin spike for anabolic effect or use slow burning carbs with proteins. It also needs to remember that rehydration is also a crucial part of recovery. You should consume not only clear water but also take it in products. It`s crucially important if you use caffeine or creatine that largely dehydrate your body. You might also use some products for a low G.I., that burns really slow, like:

  • Vegetables
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Brown rice
  • Pasta
  • Sweet potatoes (One of the best ways to get your slow burning carbs)

High protein food:

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Chicken breasts
  • Lean beef


Therefore, you might get the best workout supplements to increase your level of GYM results in almost no time. Nevertheless, for good training sessions in GYM you might also need to use some ideas of mixing these supplements with another food.

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