What are the best running shoes?

What are the best running shoes for people who like to do sports in the park? What are the best running shoe models by Adidas Company? Read the article to learn more about it and to find you perfect footwear.

running shoes

To choose special footwear for people who are seriously engaged in the run is the main thing. Sports running shoes allow to avoid injuries, prevent fatigue of legs, and give true pleasure from the run. To buy running sneakers is not a problem. A problem is how to choose sneakers for the run among a set of models of sports brands. If you are engaged in run only sometimes, and you have no special problems with health (for example, flat-footedness), then usual running shoes of popular brands (like Reebok, Mizuno, Asics, Nike) will be enough. You need special running sneakers if you:

  • Run often (not less than half an hour per day more than two or three times a week),
  • Run with a speed over 13 km/h,
  • You have a big shock load of feet because of big weight.

How to choose best running shoes depending on your purposes? All running footwear is divided into two groups:

  • Training sneakers protect the runner from injuries. They are very different,
  • Footwear for competitions. It doesn't protect from micro-injuries but allows to show the maximum results.

best running shoes

Features of running sneakers

Run footwear has a number of features:

  • Running Adidas ClimaCool sneakers.
  • Amortization is in a calcaneal part of a sole, or in a sock.
  • Flexibility and softness. Sneakers for run surely have to be soft and flexible in a forward part.
  • The resistance of a sole to attrition. Inserts from steady rubber settle down in a heel and from the outer side of a sock.
  • Ventilation. Running sneakers for the run are never done of leather and other not breathing materials.
  • The lacing is asymmetrical, closer to an internal part of the foot.
  • Insole should be removable, easily replaced on orthopedic.
  • Weight shouldn't exceed 400 grams.

Features of running sneakers

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Distinction of running shoes for men and running shoes for women

Men and women sneakers for run differ not only in color. Foot of the woman imposes more requirements to footwear. There are usually additional technologies in women sneakers.

Features of women sneakers:

  • Proportions of female legs differ from men's; therefore, a block is narrower.
  • Women's running sneakers have an additional height of a heel. It reduces the chance of injury.
  • Women weight is less. Therefore, amortization at women's sneakers is softer.
  • Only competitive footwear is an exception. It has no serious constructive differences but isn't intended for long training.

Distinction of running shoes for men and running shoes for women

Individual factors at the choice of sneakers

Only the fact that footwear is running doesn't mean that it will suit you. Individual factors define what sneakers are better for a run.

  • Pronation, supination and height of rising. The degree of pronation and height of rising are important factors, on which the probability of getting injured depends.
  • People with the low arch and the excess pronation need running footwear with an instep support.
  • Narrow and wide foot, footwear size. The width of a block is determined by manufacturing firm: Asics has a narrow block. New Balance, Adidas, and Reebok have a rather wide, and Mizuno is narrow in a heel, but wide in a sock.
  • It is good when the thumb doesn't reach about three millimeters a sneaker sock. It is better to take on sneakers in the evening when the foot is increased.
  • The weight of the runner and technology of run. The big weight, long distances and weak fitness of muscles and sheaves demand additional amortization and support. Therefore, the answer to the question how to choose run footwear depends also on the technology of run.

There are 2 ways of running:

  • Training on a heel,
  • Training on a forward part of the foot.

Amortization choice:

  • At run on the heel, the sole becomes above. Amortization is in a heel to minimize the risk of injury to knees.
  • At run on forward or a middle part of the foot, a sole is flatter, and amortization is located ahead.

Individual factors at the choice of sneakers

Sneakers for a season

Choosing running footwear, be defined when you run.

  • Summer sneakers are light and breathing but get wet easily.
  • Run footwear for winter is made of dense materials, which aren't blotted and keep heat well. But sneakers for the run in the winter, which at the same time don't get wet and are well aired is a myth. Even Gore-Tex doesn't solve this problem yet.

At the choice of running sneakers, it is also necessary to consider seasonal features of the region.

  • Running covering:

For each surface (asphalt paths, paving slabs, park soil footpaths, stadium coverings) the footwear is necessary. You should have at least two pairs of sneakers. How to choose running sneakers for any running covering:

  • If you plan to run on asphalt or any solid surface, then sneakers for the run on asphalt are necessary.
  • If the route lies on fields or soil paths, then sneakers for cross-country run are necessary.

Choice of a sole:

  • Footwear for the racetrack, asphalt, and other soil surfaces demands a soft sole.
  • For soft soil, the sole should be more rigid.
  • Run in the woods and during bad weather demands the serious protector or iron thorns preventing sliding. The rigid sole will protect legs from stones.

Sneakers for a season

Best running shoes 2016

New Balance

New Balance are the excellent sneakers for run supporting foot and controlling the movement. Features:

  • Neutral Cushioning,
  • Stability,
  • Motion Control,
  • Cushioning — the maximum softness of transition from a heel to a sock.


The main advantage of Asics Company is the silicone gels as the shock-absorber reducing load of the heel, a backbone, and knees.


  • Waterproof rubber prolongs footwear life,
  • The ventilated sole minimizes weight,
  • The special block provides ease and flexibility.


Innovative Wave technology by Mizuno allows picking up an optimal variant for any types of run. It is light ultramodern running footwear for professional sport. Features: the plastic plate (Wave), shock absorbing due to special wavy form.


Adidas Climacool Ride is air-permeable sneakers for a run with 360-degree ventilation of foot. The ClimaCool technology effectively brings heat and moisture out of footwear eliminating the main sources of discomfort. Adizero Takumi Sen is super light running sneakers for competitions. These sports shoes are made of high-quality materials, and their weight is only 180 grams.

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