What can I do to become a footballer?

What to do to become footballer

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1. It is believed that the first steps in this sport is better to start from 5-6 years. At this age it is easier to lay the basics of technology. Although many famous athletes started and 14, and 18.

2 You should be absolutely healthy. This complete primary care examination, and then periodically visit doctors for prevention. Training process requires endurance, strength and speed. This is a mandatory quality. A good player does not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

3 the Technical equipment. On each training model the basic sets of exercises. It's dribbling with his head up, fatten round, dribbling, different ways of running, jumping, faking, receiving the ball.

4 the Vision of their role in the game, the choice of roles. Decide on your gaming place and improve your abilities. For example, for the goalkeeper important growth, strong legs, jumping ability and reaction. The attacker must have initiative, courage, goal-scoring flair, starting and distance speed.

5 Motivation and perseverance. High results is impossible to achieve immediately. Please be patience and endurance. Always remember your goal, every workout should be a holiday, a reward — high skill. Constantly match their mettle and the desire to win.

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