What Do You Know Abt Cricket?

Do u love cricket? What do u know about it? Twent20 World Cup Cricket is on-going in SA. African representative are South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. SA players are only whites, most of Zimbabwe team are whites and most of the Kenyan players are blacks, there only few Indians in the team.

What can we do as Africans in order to embrace this game?

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thanks for the name.

the maths get wahala. i remember it was bc shaun pollock failed the maths question he was replaced as RSA captain. when a player can fail the maths then what of me wey write waec 3 times ( the people no gree give me wetin i need)


It is called Duckworth-Lewis


In the sport of cricket, the Duckworth-Lewis method (D/L method) is a mathematical way to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a one-day cricket or Twenty-20 cricket match interrupted by weather or other circumstance. It is generally accepted to be a fair and accurate method of setting a target score, but as it attempts to predict what would have happened had the game come to its natural conclusion, it generates some controversy.


The rules of the game is as complex as rugby. even rugby players struggle with the rules. i think africans want something they can watch without having to bring out their calculators. you know the runs total to chase and that something-duck rule for delayed ODI. its so difficult to get it right.

in my own opinion, test cricket should be scrapped and twenty20 should be encouraged. its more interesting.

but for now they should make the 20-20 more open much like the fifa world cup



Well the West Indians unfortunately are a spent force

the only big hitter in their line up is Chris Gayle and he can be careless at times

their bowling attack also happens to be their achilles heel. The top batsmen will

have them for toast

Pakistan also have Afridi, perhaps the most exciting player in this format of the game

He generates so much power from this slender frame of his

I would hope obviously for the Africans to do well, but I am afraid I wouldn't put any

credence on Kenya's victory. The Bangladeshis are simply too inferior to excel in this code of the


South Africa has as good a chance as anybody with a potent batting lineup, with the likes of

Boucher, Kemp and Smith. But their bowlers can also go for runs. Pollock is a line and length bowler

who doesn't swing the ball that much. Ntini gets wickets but he can also go for runs

India though have a long lineup of big hitters from 1 to 7. Tendulkar, Ganguly, Y. Singh, R. Dravid, Y. Singh,

M. Dhoni and VVS Laxman. And they have genuine swing bowling that can cause problems

England also have a good chance with some good hitters most notably Pietersen and Flintoff and they are some newcomers that

might come into the fray. Their bowling attack is unpredictable, brilliant one day and atrocious the next

As for Australia, only one word to describe them . . . BRUTAL


There are the Pakistanis and West Indies, They can't b underated, Even the Underdogs Kenyans, they can cause an upset during their friendly match. They hit Bangladesh by six wikets on Saturday. I came to love cricket when some of the 2003 world cup matches was played in Kenya. Eventually, Kenya reached semi-final.

For me, i bet for the West Indians and Pakistanis, though as an African i will love to see the excel of SA, Zimbabwe and Kenya


Well it will simply take some promotion

It is quite a niche sport, which mainly the Carribeans have embraced

from the black colonial empire of the British. The Kenyans I am afraid to

say are only bit time players.

I am really looking forward to some big hitting.

Those to watch out for:

Shahid Afridi, Dhoni and Ganguly from India, the Australians Gilchrist and Hayden,

Sri Lankan Jayasuriya, South African Graeme Smith and Justin Kemp as well as

Pietersen and Flintoff(if he is fit) for England

This is one competion where genuinely everyone has a chance cause it is a new format of the

game. So no Australia riding rough shod over everybody.

If I were a betting man, i might have a flutter on India. Quite a few hitters in their lineup.

Well it is going to be fun

You wouldn't happen to be a fan of Rugby by any chance?

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