What is Cristiano Ronaldo's net worth in 2016?

Golden Ball winner - Cristiano Ronaldo. What is his net worth? How does he manage to earn millions? How much does he earn for playing football? Find out all the answers here right now!

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most prominent football stars of today is a player of Madrid ‘Real’ Cristiano Ronaldo. Due to his perfect game he won the hearts of millions of fans and not just fans of football. But besides the love of fans for his performance, he received different huge fees (which allowed him to lead the ranking of the most paid players). Let's find what Cristiano Ronaldo net worth 2015 is, as well as find out his income for his entire career.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo net worth?

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

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But before you know how much famous footballer gets, let’s recall his biography. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in February, 1985, in one of the settlements of the island of Madeira, belonging to Portugal. Already in 1993 he began to play in the junior football team. Four years later, he signed a contract with one of the Portuguese giants - Lisbon ‘Sporting’.

Playing for ‘the youth’, and then as the main part of the club's young team, the player showed outstanding ability. In 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo was noticed by ‘Manchester United’, the club, where he soon passed. In this team he repeatedly became the champion and the best player in the English league, and in 2008 he was awarded the ‘Golden Ball’ - the most valuable player award in Europe.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

The following year, the young Cristiano moved to Madrid ‘Real’. Moreover, the contract was bought for a record sum - 80 million British pounds. It is the club, where the star player's career reached its peak. As part of the ‘Real’, he became the champion and the owner of the Spanish Cup, the winner of the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup, has twice won the ‘Golden Ball’. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most number of goals for the national team of Portugal for the entire period of its existence.

Earnings for the past season

Cristiano Ronaldo earnings

Now let's find out how much the famous footballer earns in a year. This year his annual income has become the largest amount currently earned by players in the world. Of all the athletes in terms of annual salary Portuguese is the second, giving privilege only to the American boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Ronaldo income consists of salaries under the contract with the ‘Real’ in the amount of $ 29.3 million, bonuses for the club winning - $ 19.7 million, as well as fees for advertising - $ 25 mln. And if his salary is now lagging behind Messi one, which is 1 000 000 EUR, given bonuses from the club and the total amount of income let the Portuguese exceed the total earnings of the Argentine star on the millions of dollars for the year.

amount of money

If we divide the total annual amount of money earned by Ronaldo per month, it turns out that idol of ‘Real’ fans gets $ 6.67 million per month. And now let's look at the dynamics of the famous Portuguese income for prior periods:

2014 - $ 80 million;

2013 - $ 73 million;

2012 - $ 43.5 million;

2011 - $ 42 million;

2010 - $ 38 million;

2009 - $ 35 800 000.

Ronaldo Golden Ball

 As we can see from the visual income statistics of ‘Real’ star is growing steadily from year to year. For six years, the annual income of the Portuguese is more than doubled. Due to the overall financial condition of the players for his entire career, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to put together a vast fortune. It is equal to about $ 290 million, or $ 10 million more than Messi has. This makes him the richest player in the world. Although according to this indicator, Portuguese player lags behind a lot of sportsmen. For example, the famous basketball player Michael Jordan has a fortune that exceeds $ 1 billion.

But the professional career of basketball legend is already far behind, and the popular player of ‘Real’ adds next few millions to his fortune each month. We found out how much Cristiano Ronaldo earns in a year, month, and the amount of the fortune, which he had accumulated for all time of his professional career. As you can see, it is an impressive amount of money. It is a record for football players, though inferior to the value of the income of some stars of other popular sports. But we know that it is not the reason why the crowd of fans worships their idol.


Cristiano Ronaldo award

Cristiano Ronaldo is close to conquer the Everest of football with the ‘Real’. And the Portuguese is already on top of the financial year. Cristiano Ronaldo net worth 2016 is 82 million euros! Ronaldo received in the form of salaries and bonuses 53 million euros from ‘Real’. Advertising agreement with Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Clear For Men, Pestana Hotel Group and Catpital increased the fortune of 31-year-old striker for 29 million euros. In the current season the magnificent Ronaldo has performed 49 goals and 15 assists in 46 games.

This year is already legendary for Cristiano, as he has earned record sum per year. No matter what football fans will love him for a beautiful game! And as long as they love him he will get extraordinary sums of earnings. 


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my favorite Player in Real Madrid . I am a big fan of cr7 and also reading post about this legend,


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