What running gears every sportsman should have?

If you are in a habit of runnig it is better to know what running gears every runner should have. Readthe article to learn more.

running gears

Running is a compulsory subject in many educational institutions, so each of us is familiar with it. Rarely it happens that an aspiring athlete studies the theory of running thoroughly. Still, this is necessary. Studying theory, we get the idea of how our body works while running, and what processes are going on. Of course, each time it experiences a different effect. Initially, all the types of running can be divided into amateur and professional. It is clear that the newcomer is unlikely to be able to run a marathon, and, in turn, the athlete rarely uses the technique of natural running. Therefore, a style of running depends on physique, physical fitness, age. You need to listen to your body. In this connection, a serious stress should be made on running gears. We are going to look for some running gears accessories.
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How to choose running shoes

If an athlete wears shoes of inappropriate size or shape, it could bring him big problems. Mismatched sneakers risk turning into calluses, corns, ingrown nails, hallux valgus deformity of the foot from bumps and protruding bones, and many others. Also, the inappropriate form of footwear leads to an imbalance of muscular overload that leads to problems of knee, hip and ankle joints.

running gears

Foot size or Shoe size?

Often those who choose to switch to barefoot running a few months realize that they are uncomfortable in the shoes that were selected strictly on size. The reason for this is initially the wrong approach to the measurement size.

Affecting this question, Mark says the first step is to think about the size of your foot, not the shoe. When choosing, we should not forget that while running under the influence of gravity  our foot can be heard in breadth, and hence, during the fitting, it is better to give preference to those sneakers, which are firm.

The most common mistake of beginners is the measurement of the foot on weight, without regard to the fact that while running, the foot will continue to "flatten" both in breadth and in length.

The second important reason is the mismatch of the design of the Shoe, the height of the instep runner.

The third reason is to try the sneakers on a bare leg. Especially if the shoes are sold for running in the cold season. If you are planning to wear shoes with thick socks, it immediately assumes the purchase of shoes, at least size up the usual.

running gears

How to choose the right size of sneakers

For those who want to buy new minimalist running shoes, we give some tips on how to determine the right size of your foot and pick out a pair of sneakers with a perfect fit.

We should not think that you know your shoe size at the memory of last purchase. Six months of intense running the size of your feet can change dramatically. Therefore, buying a new pair of shoes, always try on it as if you first determine your size.

To determine the correct size of the feet should stand on it and allow for flattening on the surface in a natural way. After that, measure the length and width.

Do not save time and try models from different manufacturers. Even if you prefer to wear shoes the same manufacturer, its new product may not suit you for some reason. Buy shoes, not brand.

It is best to go shopping for sneakers at the end of the day, with swollen and enlarged legs.

Don't forget to measure half sizes.

Take out the Shoe removable insole and attach it to the foot. Make sure that the leg is comfortable enough on the insole, and between the fingertips and the edge of the insole should remain at least five millimeters.

Go for a fitting of shoes with socks of the same type, which is planning to wear for a run. And don't forget – they, in any case, should not be thick and rough.

Check sneakers padded insole. As a rule, it not only occupies a lot of space but also able to muffle natural sensations from contact with the earth's surface.

Putting on shoes, be sure to go over hard floor surfaces. But on the soft mats should not go – they can distort the feeling.

Not worth it hard to lace running shoes during the fitting you will have time if you buy it.

One piece of advice specifically for women: if you are the owner of wide feet, then you will likely be more comfortable in the male models. Do not be shy and to measure them, perhaps in this Shoe, you get a perfect fit of foot and need comfort while running.

Put on your running shoes and rise a little on his fingers. Between the heel and the heel of the sneaker should enter the index finger is the guarantee that while Jogging shoes won't be too small.

Don't forget to try to run in sneakers. If they seem too comfortable and soft to walk on, while running, they will behave differently and will give you a lot of inconveniences.

running gears

Sportswear for running

It should be clear that clothing for running should be special or professional. To be honest, you can run even in jeans, but it will be inconvenient, so you need to buy sportswear, which is convenient.  Each season differs in weather so the clothing should be not the same.

Jogging sneakers. Sneakers for running

Running shoes have often been discussed, but a few words still to say. Suitable shoes for running? They fit if you run on a flat surface, and on the way will be no stones and other irregularities. In general, in sneakers, it is better to run indoors or on a particular treadmill. If you spit on the Board, then get ready for what the evening will twist legs. I don't want anybody, and so it is advised to buy sneakers.

Pants for running

As I said, Jogging pants must be athletic and comfortable. No need to buy some nice pants, they may be the most common. You can run in shorts, which is very recommended in summer. Of course, if you run in the summer, the pants should be light, and if the winter, then you need to wear warm pants, or two pants, so as not to freeze.

The t-shirt. Sweatshirt. Jacket

In the summer you can run in a t-shirt or light jacket. In the cool season, it is advisable to wear a sweater or a warm coat. In winter, of course, need to wear a jacket and under the jacket some jacket or shirt.

Running gear headband

While Jogging it is important that nothing distracts attention from the training process. That is why people are passionate about running professional equipment, to ensure their comfort. On the edge, it is quite common to see a headband for running. Beginners may think that this accessory is just an idea to show the latest fashion. In fact, headband for an athlete is necessary.

This accessory is needed to protect the face of runner from constant drops of sweat. Hair also brings a lot of inconveniences. During the process, they fall on the eye and irritate. Headband eliminates such problems. Besides, it is stylish looks and helps a runner to feel comfort.

Headbands for running are made of modern materials. Usually, they are produced from polyester. The product absorbs sweat and gets wet. When buying a dressing is not necessary to measure the head size, because the polyester material stretches. In the sale, the customer will find a broad range of accessories from famous brands.

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