Where to watch Euro 2016 football match between Croatia and Portugal?

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Euro 2016

What exactly do you know about EURO 2016? Will you continue to watch UEFA matches online? In previous matches of EURO 2016 spectators could see many interesting moments. Unfortunately, some of the National Teams have already left this tournament but everything fascinating starts now when football fans can witness 1/8 of Euro matches. It will be more emotions, more goals, and more challenges. On Saturday, 25 June, in the city of Lens will be the match of 1/8 final of EURO 2016, in which the Croatian national team will play with the team of Portugal. In the 1/8 finals, we will witness a confrontation between two strong teams. However, while the Croatian team stronger than Portugal. The Balkans provided high performance of the group stage, beating the current European champions, while Portugal could only perform three draws, but still advanced to the playoffs.

Euro 2016

If you desire to join first round off playoff stage, you would require a nice website for watching it online. Hopefully, the Internet can provide you a necessary help you require. Do not hesitate to be a part of this football siesta and join the army of football fans on EURO 2016. See the list of websites that provide live transmission of matches at the end of the article.


Euro 2016

The Croats showed perhaps the most brilliant football in the group stage. The team of Ante Cacic in every of the three matches scored at least a goal and created a lot of moments to score. The apotheosis of all became a duel with Spain, where the Balkan team, having gotten an early goal in their gates, managed to not only recoup, but with a help of Ivan Perisic, snatched victory from the reigning champions of Europe. Hero of the match was the goalkeeper of the Croatian national team Daniel Subasic, who managed to catch a ball in penalty zone when the score was 1: 1. Seven points and first place in the group became an award to Cacic`s team for an interesting and meaningful football. The Croats showed that team spirit is more important than the relationship between the team in the clubs. It is worth noting, how the Croats passed the group stage. First, they beat Turkey minimally, then they beat the Czechs, and completely declassed Spain. Since Portugal is now not in the best condition, there is no doubt that the Balkan team will be able to impose Ronaldo and Co. a new game.

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Euro 2016

The Portuguese, having composed of a lot of star players have been unable to win a single match, despite that contender from Hungary and Iceland seemed very easy target. Three draws, three points and a third place in the group thanks to a good goal difference 4: 4 - such is lackluster results showed players of Fernando Santos. The last match in the group against Hungary became a real thriller - the team from the first minute started shooting, which ended as a result of 3: 3. This was the match where Cristiano finally managed to score. It was the first match where the champion who had been a star for the previous EURO showed some results.

Euro 2016

Portugal national team in the group stage did not win a single match. These figures could be attributed to the fact that the main star of the national team Cristiano Ronaldo was out of shape. Despite the fact that in the previous match, Portugal showed their attacking power, the national team still have problems in protection of their gates. Experienced Ricardo Carvalho did not have enough speed, namely a quick change of positions and lightning attacks. How will the team manage to protect the gates from attacking strategy of Croatia? - is what the coaching staff of Portugal should pay attention to.

What do people expect?

Euro 2016

Both teams have a star, attackers. It`s hard enough to assume that intramural match of these teams will turn to a draw. Both teams have quite a lot of flaws and problems in defense. Neither of them managed to save gates in previous matches. According to analysts, each team may manage to shoot a goal in the match.

Bookmakers analysis

Euro 2016

According to bookmakers, the odds of success for Croatia and Portugal are almost equal. For example, bookmakers of win accept bets with odds of 2.65 for Croatia`s victory. Portugal victory is estimated at 3.1. The probability of a draw is estimated at 3.0.

Bookmakers out of the office of William Hill also consider that the chances of success with teams of Croatia and Portugal almost equal. Thus, the success of accepting bets factor is 2.7, and a victory Cristiano Ronaldo team - 3.1. A draw in this match is estimated by the factor 2.8.

What are the preparations for the match?

Euro 2016

1/8 match of Euro-2016 finals Croatia - Portugal will take place at the stadium in Lens Bollard-Delelis. It will certainly create you an evening of football. Don`t forget to find a nice website where to watch games online. For your consideration, it`s presented a small list of websites that can allow you such joy:




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