Where to watch Euro 2016 Quarter Finals: Wales vs. Belgium?

Do you watch EURO 2016? If so, then you would not like to miss the match between Belgium and Wales! Check out this article to find a few websites to watch it online!

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EURO 2016’s Round of 16 is finally over; it is time for quarterfinals! There are only 8 teams left and we’re going to see 4 hard games! The match between Wales and Belgium is held on Friday, 1 July on the stadium Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille Métropole

Let us observe the previous games and achievements of both teams!


euro 2016

The Welsh team began this Championship with matches against Slovakia, England and Russia. They were beaten only once, by the English team, it was their second match. However, no one will forget their game with Russia, where they scored 3 goals!
In Round of 16 or 1/8 of EURO 2016, they had to play against the Northern Ireland. Luckily, for them, they gained the victory again, but the Belgian team is much stronger than their previous opponent was.
The biggest hopes are put on the top player of Wales, Gareth Bale. Player of the Spanish club Real Madrid shows good results during this championship and he is one of the players, able to score a few balls to the Belgian gates.
We remind you that Wales bet Belgium in the qualifying match and Bale feels Wales could have a psychological advantage over Belgium.

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Speaking of the Belgian team, the first thing we can surely say is that the Welsh fans will be outnumbered by the Belgian. If this factor can affect the game, then the national team of Wales should prepare.
The national football team of Belgium gained two victories on the group stage, against Ireland and agains Sweden. They have shown a brilliant results in Round of 16, where they played against Hungary. They scored four goals!
Belgium has many players from world top clubs. Such as Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City, Eden Hazard from Chelsea, and even the player from Barcelona - Thomas Vermaelen       .
Belgium is currently one of the strongest teams on this championship.

Where to watch

The results of the match are impossible to be predicted. Both teams are strong, so we are going to witness some kind of battle, not just the football match.

Here are few links, where you can watch this match online:




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