Which football team has the most fans?

Did you know how many people in football team fan clubs? How fans support their football teams? Read the article to find out!


What would be Football teams without their fans? Football is the most popular game on the planet. There is hardly a man exists on the planet who did not hear about football. Thousands and millions of people visits football stadiums every year and more of them watch match transmitting online or on a TV screen. In the same time, there is a caste of football lovers which follow their favorite teams everywhere. They do not have rest on constant cheering their favorites from tribunes. They try to put pressure on the opponents’ team by providing social and emotional support to their favorite clubs.

Football Fans

According to the studies, there are more than 250 million official fan supporters of various teams around the world. Certainly, the main cluster of them situated in Europe, but there is also a large group of fan clubs in South America. If every major match gathers from fifty to one hundred thousand people on stadiums and millions of viewers at the screen, you may bet that at least 25% of them are constant supporters of the presented team. Also, the fans are the most faithful buyers and creators of all football symbols. With their investments through buying football product and attendances of stadiums. In this article, readers may find out the top of football clubs based on how big is their fan army.

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Borussia Dortmund

Football Fans

One of the oldest football team club in Germany with history over 100 years. It also has one of the largest fan community in the world. If count by the membership, it`s the third largest sports club with over 100 000 officially registered fans. According to the club statistics, 2014-2015 football season matches, the games of Borussia club were attended by more than 1 400 000 fans. The highest attendance records of the fans for one match was more than 80 000.

Manchester United

Football Fans

The origin name of Manchester United was Newton Health LYR FC and it existed under this name from 1878 to 1902. For its 138 history generations of fans could witness Red Devils` games. According to its average home attendance, Manchester United can be named as the most visited football club in Europe.  The Red Devils craze spreads all over the world with more than 200 official fan branches. The Red Devils can conquer the world if they mobilize the huge army of 354 million fans on all continents.

FC Barcelona

Football Fans

The famous Barca, which was found by Joan Gamper continues to spread Catalan heritage and Culture since 1899. “More than a club” is a famous motto which can differentiate Barca fans from others. According to recent researches, Barca has an army of 270 million dedicated fans worldwide. Their home stadium can handle the pressure of 98 000 fans roaring in it, but at the same time the record of visiting of the stadium is 98761, and average home visiting attendance is around 74040 supporters.

Real Madrid

Football Fans

The highest attendance in a single match was recorded on the mark of 98761 visitors. It was found in 1902 and bestowed in 1920 with the royal crown with the help of King Alfonso XIII. Real Madrid can count more than 1 800 official football club supporters group from all continents. There are approximately 174 million people who adore watching Real Madrid games. The average fan attendance of Real Madrid home stadium Santiago Bernabeu with a capacity of 75 000 is 72 084 supporters.

Bayern Munich

Football Fans

Bayern München also known as Bayern Munich is number two popular club with their official members worldwide calculated in more than 225 000. Roughly about 12,5 % of the population of Germany can be named fans of this football club. There are more than 3 500 club supporters of Bayern München in the world. Around 1 210 000 fans visited their matches in their previous season. Their home grounds Allianz Arena with the capacity of 69 060 seats, holds the average attendance of 69 000 persons.


Football Fans

Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 or famously known as Schalke and was founded in 1904. For now, it has more than 130 000 official fan members which mean that it`s the second largest club by membership in Germany. The Gelsenkirchen-Schalke fan club association has more than 1500 fan clubs worldwide.  For the last season matches, the home ground of Gelsenkirchen-Schalke had an average attendance of 62 000 people where its seating capacity is 62 109.


Football Fans

11 FA Cup winner and one of the most famous English clubs – that`s all about FC Arsenal. It was founded in 1886 in Woolwich. Arsenal fans also call it Gunners or Gooners. It has a huge fan base with more than 27 million people. Arsenal fans as all English fans also known for their riot and fire spirit which causes chaos on tribunes in a positive way mostly but there were cases of negative deeds of fans.

Borussia Monchengladbach

Football Fans

Mönchengladbach also known as Borussia Monchengladbach was established in 1900 and inherited its name Borussia from Latinization of Prussia. Their hometown stadium is in Borussia-Park and it has a capacity of seating for 54 057 people while their home matches usually attended by 54 010 fans.


Football Fans

Hamburg SV also known as Hamburger Sport-Verein or just Hamburg has over 70 000 official members and an army of fans for 25 million.

Newcastle United

Football Fans

It was established in 1892 and since then the army of supporters has been grown up to 25 million.

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