Which football team is the best?

What do you know about best football teams? Who are they? How did they become the best in football? Look through the history brief of the best football clubs!


Football is one of the most popular games on the Earth. The army of football fans in counting is more than any existed country population. The total income from one of the top football club can be more than the budget of one little country. There is no man in the world did not hear favorite football team names like Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and other. The fans rush into stadiums in their favorite football club team wear and horn over stadiums to cheer up players. The football team rankings can be changed every year but FC who are on top of rankings will hold their positions until the end. In the article, readers can have an overview of the best football teams for today.

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The history of FC Barcelona started with an advertisement in a local newspaper made by Hans Kamper on October 22, 1899. Few positive answer led to the first team for Barca which consisted of 11 players led by Joan Gamper. Due to the revolutionary spirit which was obvious during both Primo De Rivera`s, the club provided a controversial feeling for the Crown. For today it's one of the popular FC which has the army of fans on all continents. The football team wears red and blue vertical uniform. According to UEFA football team rankings, Barca won FIFA World Cup, Spanish Super Cup and also UEFA Super Cup.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid

It`s an inseparable part of the European Cup and a natural rival for Barcelona. It was found in 1902 as the Club Espanol de Madrid. Their first grand victory was winning 1905 Spanish Cup. With the light hand of King Alfonso XIII, the club was given the name Real/Royal and was reborn into Real Madrid. According to UEFA football rankings and votes, Real Madrid was named the best football club of XXth century. For now, the football team wearing the white and blue uniform can provide a million armies of fans not only is Spain but worldwide.

Manchester United


The Red Devils has a long history connected to the generation through the 136 years of existence. Originally it was founded as Newton Heath FC. The football team name was changed to Manchester United in 1902. The original base of the Devils is Old Trafford stadium with a capacity of 80 000 seats. The legendary players showed their masterpiece game tactics in this club, such heroes are Cristiano Ronaldo, Persie, Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney, Bryan Robson. It holds a record of winning 20 league titles, four League Cups, Three European Cups. The fan base is considered to be more than 200 million for the devils wearing red, white and black colors.

Bayern Munich


It`s one of the most successful and biggest clubs in Germany. It has one of the biggest fan armies which constantly cheer up the team on matches. Bayern has a record of winning 22 league titles, four European cups. The club was formed in 1900 and they won their first German Championship in 1932 under the leadership of Richard Kohn, who was Jewish. The club had rough times during the reign of Third Reich as it was proclaimed Jewish club. The club attracted many famous players from all continents, it was Manuel Neuer, Frank Ribery, Javier Martinez, Xabi Alonso, Robert Lewandowski and many others.



The history of Chelsea begins in Rising Sun pub in London. For today their home is Stamford Bridge. In 1955, Chelsea celebrated their first success on winning the league championship. The blues or pensioners won 7 FA Cups, UEFA Champions League, it is the only club in London which won the League, Winners` Cup, Europa League. The football team wears colors are royal blue. Since 2003, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich running the club. According to Forbes, Chelsea is on a top of most value clubs with a total price of more than 1.6$ billion.



It was formed in 1886 and since then changed the football team name twice from Dial Square to Woolwich Arsenal, and now it`s Arsenal. The gunners won 10 FA Cups, 2 League Cups. The gunners are the longest players in the top of English football League. Their home ground is Emirates Stadium with capacity over 60 000 seats. Their football team wear varies from white-red at home to yellow-blue/black away colors.

AC Milan

AC Milan

The Devils were formed in 1899 and since then won 5 Coppa Italia, 5 Supper Coppa, 5 Super Cups of UEFA. Their honored president is a scandalous politician – Silvio Berlusconi. The Rossoneri colors are red and black. They are a flagman ship of Italian football on international Arena. Their home ground stadium is Giuseppe Meazza with capacity over 80 000 seats.

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