Which Nigerian athletes competed for other countries in the Rio Olympics 2016?

Who are the 7 Nigerian athletes, who represented other countries at Olympics 2016? Learn now.

Nigerian athletes

You would be surprised to learn the number of Nigerian athletes, who showed excellent results in the Olympics this year, but did not actually compete for their country. Their stories are inspiring.

List of the best Rio 2016 Nigerian athletes:

  1. Morolake Akinosun
    She was born in Lagos. This year she won Gold for USA.
     Morolake Akinosun
  2. Kemi Adekoya
    This year she represented Bahrain. She switched teams as Nigeria did not qualify her to take part in the Olympics.
  3. Ayomide Folorunsho
    She comes from Abeokuta and this year she competed as a runner for Italy.
  4. Femi Ogunode
    He comes from Femi, but moved to Qatar back in 2010. He took part in Rio and has become the fastest man of Asia.
    Femi Ogunode
  5. Ezinne Okpaerebo
    She has become the fastest women in Norway, but her origins are from the Imo State, Nigeria.
  6. Abubakar Abass
    He got silver for Bahrain this year at Rio.
  7. Barbara Udoezi Nwaba
    Another Nigerian to represent USA at Rio 2016.
    Barbara Udoezi Nwaba

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These 7 athletes from Nigeria have become very successful presenting other countries. It shows the potential the nation has. Hopefully, in the future they won’t need to change teams to win!

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