Which Nigerian states have the best sports facilities?

What can Nigeria propose to its sportsmen? In which states, we can find the best sports facilities in the country? Read the article to find it out.

sports facilities nigeria

Nigeria is known by its people love to sport. Each Olympic Games Nigerians bring home a lot of awards. And a good shape needs a good exercising. What can Nigeria propose to its sportsmen? In which states, we can find the best sports facilities in the country? Read the article to find it out.

University of Benin, Edo State
One of the biggest sports centers of Nigeria is situated in Edo state at the University of Benin. It was built for local students but often crowded not only by them. And we see why. The swimmers may enjoy here in the fifty meters swimming pool. There are tennis courts, two basketball courts, the courts for volleyball and handball, a large court for football playing. Besides, the runners can prepare their new world records at eight lanes of 400-metres track of the University of Benin.

sports facilities edo state

National Institute of Sports Center, Lagos State
Lagos is the smallest of Nigerian states but still, has the best sports facilities in the country. National Institute of Sports Center might serve as a good example of it. They have everything necessary for each kind of sport in here. It includes even equipment for acrobats and gymnasts. Center is located at the National Stadium in Surulere. Its second branch settles at the National Museum Centre in Onikan.

sport facilities lago state

Onikan Stadium, Lagos State 
It’s the home stadium of a lot of Nigerian football teams. Last years the football became the main kind of sport of this stadium. But still, they have some spaces for other sportsmen as well. 

stadium lago state

Rowe Park Sports Centre, Lagos State 
Not the biggest, but quite attractive Rowe Park Sports Centre has opened a few years ago but then shut down because of the death of a recreational swimmer who drawn in the local pool. Later the Canter has opened again but not a pool what made all the nearest sports facilities for swimmers overloaded. Still tennis courts are opened for all the willing. 

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka
First of all, his university contains 12 tennis courts at once what makes it the biggest tennis arena if not in whole the country then at least at this Nigerian state. Local players are the ones who later will make the world sports statistics. Secondly, University has two handball courts, six areas to play basketball and two soccer pitches. The management is ready to extend their sports center, but they still need governmental funds for it.

university of nsukka

National Stadium, Abuja State
It's of the fifty most expensive ever built sports arenas. National Stadium in Abuja was created by German architectors who earlier had made a Freedom Tower of One World Trade Center in New York, Danube bridge in Linz and Stadium Maracana at Rio. The opening of the stadium in Nigeria was dated to All African Games in 2013. It can accommodate more than sixty thousands of spectators.
As for sports facilities can boast of the big capacities for athletes: 3000 places for indoor sports fans, 2000 places for gymnasts and swimmers, baseball and softball complex, tennis courts and a hockey stadium.  They use it as a place for cultural and religious events as well.

abuja stadium nigeria

Yankari Games Resort and Safari, Bauchi State
Yankari Games Resort and Safari is located in Yankari wildlife conservation. In fact, the sports facility isn't finished here yet but promises to be the one of the most luxury in Nigeria. The supervisor of the building is Nigerian Olympic Committee. Exact prognosis of building finish date is yet to be announced.
Beside it, Yankari has a lot of amenities which will attract sportsmen in their time. The visitors will enjoy it warm springs, recreation facilities and an opportunity to swim not only in the pool but in a natural river too. 

sports facilities bauchi state

And so, as we can see, the most sporting Nigerian state is Lagos. Local State Sports Commission all the time looks for the ways to expand the facilities for sports amateur and professionals. Only this year about seven new sports facilities is going to be opened after reconstruction or newly presented to the locals. But still, in the other states, they work a lot on creating the new sports spots at least in universities. 


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