Which workout burns the most calories?

Overweight is the eternal problem of millions of people around the world. Everyone knows that the most efficient way to deal with an excess weight is regular exercise. Have you heard of push-ups, fat-bikes, Cindy and Mary exercises? Continue reading the article to know which workout burns the most calories.

Which workout burns the most calories?

During workouts, the considerable part of people wants to burn as many calories as possible very quickly. We want to reduce body fat on waist, hips, stomach, legs and other so-called “problem” areas. Coaches in one voice say that workouts help to burn fat, but nobody does not specify what kind of exercise burns the most calories.

Which workout burns the most calories?

For a long time, many people have been considering aerobic workout (running, dancing, walking, and bike riding) as the best way of sports to burn calories. Aerobic training helps to increase oxygen consumption that burns calories. An hour of aerobics burns 320-550 calories per hour.

Aerobic workout

Power training. Nearly nobody considers training with weights as a way to burn calories. Many people mistakenly believe that the primary function of such workout is to strengthen the muscles. In fact, the situation is a bit different. Developed muscles cause the body to waste energy, and thereby burn calories.

Power training

Various breathing techniques. The world of fitness has replenished with special techniques that have been becoming very popular. These exercises are good for the metabolism and are useful for digestion.

Various breathing techniques

Static Training - Pilates and power yoga. Muscle contraction improves protein synthesis. The process of building muscles uses energy derived from fat. Do not be afraid of the word “building”. It does not mean that you will grow bigger muscles. They only strengthen. Therefore, static exercises also help burn calories.

Power yoga

Essential conditions for burning calories

Duration of training

Duration of training

The first 15 minutes of the workout, our body uses glucose as a source of energy. Only then, calories start to burn. Aerobic exercise helps to use fat as a primary power source. However, it has virtually no effect on muscle tone. Aerobic excess can lead to a slower metabolism due to a decrease in muscle mass. If you want to burn as many calories as possible, your ideal training should last at least an hour.

Pulse rate

Pulse rate

Heart rate is another critical point. Fat becomes the primary source of energy only when you train with a low intensity when the pulse ranges from 60 to 70% of maximum. At a lower pulse, you will lose less energy. To keep abreast of all the activity, you need to watch your health regularly. You must feel the burden, but also be able to maintain a conversation, that is, you must have enough air.

Regime and diet

Regime and diet

Excess food can nullify all the efforts in the gym. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the number of calories from fat and carbohydrates. Some people always train on an empty stomach to burn more calories or make a big gap between the last meal and exercise. When you do not eat for a long time, it reduces reserves of glucose in the blood. Therefore, workout forces the body to burn calories. Moreover, it has not recommended eating after the workout not to break the process of burning fat. Such hard training mode is relevant only for professionals who exercise several times a day.

How to burn calories during workouts efficiently?

If you want your workout to make only good for you, never eat before it. During a workout, try to use the maximum number of muscles. Each type of fitness is good on its way. Thus, you can achieve excellent results when you combine various workouts. Interval training gives the best result. They combine power and cardio, stimulate the metabolism and lead to increased burning of calories.

The list of workouts that burn the most calories

While running, an individual burns ten calories per minute on average. However, some exercises will help you to burn more calories.

  • Skipping rope – 18 calories per minute
  • Tabata Squats – 54 calories per minute
  • Burpee – 25 calories per minute

Burpee burns 25 calories per minute

  • “Cindy” and “Mary” – 20 calories per minute
  • Rowing Simulator – 15 calories per minute
  • AirDyne Bike – 88 calories per minute

AirDyne Bike

  • Fat-bike – 28 calories per minute
  • Skiing – 14 calories per minute


The more intense the workout, the more calories you burn. The slimmer you, the fewer calories you will lose. Intensive training helps you to burn about 400 calories per hour. Anyone who has been training for all the main muscle groups will get better results, compared to those who work on one muscle group only. If your workout runs less intensively, with long rest periods between sets, you will burn about 250 calories per hour.

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