Who are the most charitable athletes?

Who are the most charitable athletes in the world? What are their achievements? Read the article and learn some interesting details about the stars’ charity activities.

messi football player

There are plenty of charitable athletes, but who are the most charitable athletes in the world? Who has huge charitable funds? All the answers are below.

Football. Ronaldo.

football ronaldo

During many years Cristiano Ronaldo, the forward of ‘Real’ and the national team of Portugal, was the best player in the world. He has made at least four things that characterize him better than scored goals. These are of them. In November 2011, the Portuguese donated blood for the three years old son of his team-mate Carlos Martins. The child suffered from leukemia, he needed a bone marrow transplant. Cristiano, as well as several of his teammates, did what they had to do. Two years later, in Spain there was a catastrophe - the train went down at full speed. As a result, 143 people were injured be this terrible accident, 78 died. Authorities asked the residents of Galicia to come and become donors. What do you think, who has responded to one of the first? Cristiano.

Hockey. Crosby.

Hockey Crosby

The main star of the strongest league in the world Sidney Crosby closely involved in charity from the start of his adult career. His foundation and charitable donations help children with autism. In 2008, the captain of ‘Pittsburgh’ has bought a lot of tickets in the home arena of the club, so that children could go to hockey for free. The year before Crosby organized game, collecting all of his childhood friends and dividing them into two teams. Participation of Sidney in the match was announced, but the striker still came out on the ice to the applause of the audience. All money from the match, of course, went to charity.

Basketball. Turkey LeBron.

james lebron

The most dominant basketball player LeBron James always wanted to go back to Cleveland. His dream came true. The roots have been never forgotten by the striker playing for more ‘Miami’. So, once he became a sponsor of the charity event on Thanksgiving Day in his hometown of Akron (Ohio). Needy residents handed out 700 portions of free lunches. Menu consisted of the traditional set of products, which the average American has on the table in a holiday: turkey, potatoes, greens, vegetables, cranberry sauce. LeBron could not take part in the action himself, because of the busy schedule of matches, assuring that he would ensure that all take place remotely. Instead James the event was held by his mother and a girlfriend.

Tennis. Djokovic.

Tennis Djokovic

The famous Novak Djokovic after winning at Wimbledon arranged a charity gala dinner to raise money for his foundation, which was founded in 2007. The organization supports projects and charitable activities to improve living standards and education of young people in Serbia. Novak is the honorary chairman of the fund. Djokovic holds events very regularly. Earlier, after the US Open his gala dinner earned about half a million dollars. Novak managed to write down his name into charity names of the world sport history.

Boxing. Floyd.

Boxing Floyd

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The highest paid athlete of the planet is Floyd Mayweather Jnr. A minute of his work in the ring is worth almost half a million dollars and in a year he earns more than a hundred million. However, the charitable acts are not so important for him as entertainment, for example. This is the official data from the Fund, which helps people with breast cancer, that his charity contributions didn’t exceed one hundred thousand.

Neymar and Lionel Messi.  

Neymar and Lionel Messi

Four-time winner of the ‘Golden Ball’, the leader of the Catalan ‘Barcelona’ and the national team of Argentina Football, Lionel Messi is involved in charity since 2007. At that time he organized his Charitable Foundation. In July 2013 the Argentinian gave a charity event, the proceeds of which were involved in the implementation of its programs. The event, organized by the striker of ‘Barcelona’ was a friendly football match in which the team ‘Messi and Friends’ met ‘Neymar and the rest of the world stars’ team.

David Beckham and his clothes from last year's collections.

David Beckham

Beckham is always in the center of all events. He does not only star in the commercials, open restaurants and write books. Former England midfielder also helps people. One of the strongest tropical cyclone in the history of meteorological observations - Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and neighboring countries on 8th November, 2013,. As a result of the disaster affected about 13 million people. British football legend and his wife, a well-known designer Victoria Beckham did not remain indifferent to what happened in Southeast Asia.

beckham player

David and Victoria have donated Filipinos, who lost their property, 20 boxes of their old clothes from last year's collections of world famous designers. Star couple in the process of extraction of old things from their wardrobe appealed to the community to help the victims. Victoria published a short list in her microblog. Among other clothes in boxes there were: white outfits of David and Victoria for the MTV VMA ceremony in 2003, and ones for the Venice Film Festival in 2006, more than a hundred David’s hats and Victoria’s set of pairs of shoes. All items were sold at a charity auction titled ‘Buy something for the Philippines’, which was held in the store of the British Red Cross in London.

Athletes are simple people, who understand the pain of the others. And it doesn’t matter how much money they give. The most important is that they think of charity and tries to help other people.

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