Who are the winners of NBA 2016?

Are you a fan of basketball? Here's an article to fins out who won the latest NBA!

nba 2016

The NBA championship was held recently. As we all know, it is an extremely important event in the world of basketball. Two most famous teams were competing with each other to find out who the best is.

NBA finals were very stressful for all the fans because they were worried about their favourite teams. The game was very intense and both teams scored a lot of points.

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally won. Moreover, their most famous player LeBron James made a new record and automatically became even more of a legend.

It was a very special game for the team as the level they reached is really high now. So now they got a chance to defeat the other team and to play a lot more games than usual.

That’s why becoming NBA champions was such a special moment in their career.

However, it wasn’t an easy win. The other team, the Warriors has also scored a lot. They were playing like the real professionals and you didn’t know who was going to win till the end of the finals.

This team was also very good at playing but, unfortunately for them, they never managed to win.

NBA results are really impressing this year. 2016 year winners are the most famous and professional basketball players in the world right now.

nba 2016

Who are they?

LeBron James

Everyone knows this outstanding athlete. LeBron James is probably one of the most well-known players in the world right now. His achievements are incredible.

For example, he got straight to finals so many times as any other player ever did.

The amount of points he scored is unbelievable (30). This game became one of the best and most memorable games in all basketball history.

Moreover, the team showed itself really great which made the fans around the world very happy.

However, even if the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t win the game, he would have still stayed the most important and professional NBA player because of his way of playing.

The amount of views

It was a well-known fact that the NBA games are very famous all over the world. The Finals usually have the most viewers as it’s the most important part of the competitions.

That’s why there were a lot of people watching it on TV this year. The audience consisted of almost 20 million people. However, it was a little bit less than last year. However, the difference is not that noticeable.

nba 2016

However, during the very last game the amount of the viewers increased dramatically. More than 10 million people joined which made the total 30 million people watching the NBA at the same time! It is also a record as it’s even more than last year.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The team hasn’t got that far to the finals for a really long time – more than a half of the century. The players have participated in a lot of other competitions but it never actually got that serious.

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But this game changed everything. LeBron James made the team world-famous and loved by everyone.

Kyrie Irving

This basketball player has also scored a lot of points and is also a professional. He scored every single game which made him one of the best players during this season.

Kyrie Irving is a real star nowadays and there is enough proof of that. For example, the sport shoes that he signed became so famous that the amount of fans who bought it became extremely big.

His dynamic way of playing and his confidence make him a very important basketball figures nowadays.

Anderson Varejao

Varejao comes from Brazil and he played in all two sides during the finals which also made him a historic figure. He is the only person who has ever done it.

Even though Anderson lost some of the games, the experts are still sure that soon enough he will become a real champion. He has been a basketball player for quite a while.

Moreover, he played for his team Cleveland Cavaliers for more than 10 years, which sounds pretty amazing. It’s actually more than thirty games.

Tyron Lue

Tyron Lue is now the very respectful coach of the team. Even during his first year he led his team to the win, which made him a famous professional. He is actually also a part of history right now.

nba 2016

The former coach of the Cleveland team didn’t get that much success. The last time they won was a really long time ago, back in the 20th century. That’s why now the members of the team appreciate Tyron Lue a lot.

The NBA losers

Stephen Curry

He is generally a good player whose average score during one game is at least 20 points. However, during this final game he didn’t have the chance to play that well. His score was a lot lower than the usual one.

The reason for him being weaker than usually is probably the health problem. He had something with his knee, which made him a lot slower and weaker.

Harrison Barnes

Harrison’s skills are not that fantastic but he is still an important part of his NBA team. And he actually played quite nice during the season.

But when it came to the Finals, the stress and the other factors made him vulnerable. That’s why his average score decreased a little bit. The team is hoping that the next time he is going to play better.

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