Who is Okocha?

Love Nigerian football? Find out more about its icon Jay Jay Okocha.

Do you know who is Okocha? Is he a prominent sportsman or one of great newsmakers of his time? What do you know about him? Find out more interesting facts concerning this outstanding person right now!

Who is Okocha?

JJ Okocha biography

JJ Okocha biographyAugustine Azuka Okocha is a former professional football player. He used to be attacking midfielder, and he has left a mark in history of professional sport of the country. Okocha was born in State of Egunu in 1973.

The truth is that his brother James was the first, who started to play football. This was the reason why Okocha chose name Jay Jay. As many other footballers he has started to develop his skills being small kid and playing in streets. As he says, the boys could have used any round object instead of the ball.

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JJ OkochaHis career started in 1990, when he joined Enugu Rangers team. During the time in that club, he produced plenty of outstanding histrionics, including one, where he scored goal against sophisticated Nigerian goalkeeper.

Same year, he travelled to Germany and was able to watch their team, which had managed to become FIFA World Cup of 1990 champion. One of Okocha friends was playing in Borussia Neunkirchen. That’s why he started watching their training. Finally, the coach saw the skills of the young footballer and proposed him a contract. Then he joined FC Saarbrücken, but he stayed there only for several months with Bundesliga side before moving to Bundesliga with Eintracht Frankfurt.

JJ Okocha the bestOkocha's official debut in Nigeria happened during FIFA World Cup in 1994. Since that time, he's become more successful, talented, and prominent. In 2000, he joined Super Eagles team during 2000 African Cup of Nations (and scored three goals). In 2002, there was his first match as captain during World Cup. Later, Jay Jay Okocha led Nigerian team to third-place finish during African Nations Cup in 2004 with his four goals. After failing to help Nigeria to qualify for the World Cup of 2006, Okocha announced, he was going to retire from international scene. And in 2004, he was rated as one of top living football players, African Pele.

Where is Okocha now?

Where is Okocha now?A 43-year-old sportsman is expected to return soon. As the rumors say, he might be his way back to English football. People say that he has some friends in club, and he's planning to help them. He was reported to play 45 minutes for Wolverton’s reserves. However, it is hard to say, if he would stay with them permanently. Contract has not been signed, so we may only guess, what'll happen in future.

Nevertheless, Okocha will always stay the best African footballer, who has managed to get Nigeria to the top. That’s why all his fans are still looking forward to see him in upcoming season.

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