Who is the best goalkeeper in the world?

What do you know about one of the main players of a football team? Who will be the best goalkeeper? Find out in this article to know the top 12 best goalkeepers of the World!

It`s the only person on the field that has rights to hold a ball during a match. Even if it`s a rare case that this team player can hit a goal, his place can`t be underestimated. The player which can`t be omitted is a goalkeeper, who presented in every game of a team. How to identify the player who rarely hit high goal score? Still it`s one of the key players on the field as his ball manipulations can save the game for the team. He is usually the last guardian to defend the gates of the team. For now, it`s to be presented the top 12 best goalkeepersin the world for the year 2016.

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1. Idriss Carlos Kameni 

Idriss Carlos Kameni 
It`s a 32-year goalkeeper from Doula, Cameroon. His professional career started in Le Havre in 2000 until then he played in Kadji Sports. Appeared in 222 matches from 2004 to 2012, in that period, he played for Espanyol and helped the team in conquering a Copa del Rey title in 2005-2006. Now he is a goalkeeper in Malaga.

2. Jack Butland 

Jack Butland 
This 23-year goalkeeper originated from Bristol, England. Before fame, he played in Birmingham for two years where he made a major success in his career. He made his appearance at the 2012 London Olympics when played and since then play in England National team. 

3. Hassan Sunny 

Hassan Sunny 
Top goalkeeper of Asia who has never played in Europe. It`s a 32-year goalkeeper from Singapore. Now he plays in Army United, also made his career in Thai Premier League and the National Team of Singapore. The first professional steps started in Geylang United in 2003. 

4. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 
This goalkeeper was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The most time appeared on the field for his city team Borussia Mönchengladbach. It`s a world-class goalkeeper, which Germany holds sitting on the bench. Nevertheless, his fantastic play for Barcelona and Borussia Mönchengladbach helped him to conquer the place in the world best goalkeepers league. 

5. Stephane Ruffier 

Stephane Ruffier 
It’s a French goalkeeper originated from Bayonne. The most time in his career he played in Bayonne team but become truly famous in FC Monaco from 2002-2005 where he appeared in 113 matches. He is currently playing in Saint-Etienne. Also, he made a great progress after joining France national team in 2010. 

6. Samir Handanović 

Samir Handanović 
Originated from Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, this 31-year player made a great progress by playing in various Slovenian National football clubs and found his place amongst players of Inter Milan. He also paly in Slovenia national team where he appeared in 81 matches. 

7. Igor Akinfeev 

Igor Akinfeev
His birthplace is a little village Vodnoye of Russian Federation. The professional career started in 1991 in CSKA Moscow`s youth program. Top player for Russian National team. He still plays in CSKA Moscow. Won the Russian Premier League championship in 2003. 

8. Fernando Muslera

 Fernando Muslera
Originated from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Super Lig Goalkeeper of the Year as it was named in 2011-2012. His first debut started at the age 15. He became one of the ultimate players in Uruguay team who helped to conquer the fourth place in the 2012 FIFA World Cup. 

9. David de Gea 

David de Gea 
Originated from Madrid, Spain this 25-year goalkeeper started his career at 15. He helped to conquer a UEFA Europe League title in 2010 by Atletico Madrid. He also provided an assistance in dealing with a UEFA Super Cup Championship in 2010. He now plays for Manchester United where he appeared on the field for 165 times and he is also a part of the National Team of Spain. 

10. Gianluigi Buffon 

Gianluigi Buffon 
It`s a winner of FIFA World Cup originated from Italy. He is 8 times the Seria A Goalkeeper of the Year. He is currently playing for Juventus and he didn`t change this club for last 15 years where he made most appearances (458). He is also a player of Italy National team. 

11. Petr Čech 

Petr Čech 
Originated from Czechoslovakia he became inevitable goalkeeper in Czech National Team since 1997. He changed several clubs but mostly played in Chelsea where he appeared 333 times on the field. Now he plays as a goalkeeper for FC Arsenal. 

12. Manuel Neuer 

Manuel Neuer 
Who does not know Manuel Neuer? It`s a goalkeeper who obtained the Golden Glove Award. He led the German National team national team of Germany to the championship in the World Cup 2014. He was estimated a Goalkeeper of the Year in 2012. 

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