Who is the biggest and strongest black man? – Meet Kali Muscle

Learn how this big black man got his amazing muscles. You won’t believe his story. It’s touching.

kali muscle

This man not only has an amazing look, but he also has a unique story to tell. His name is Kali Muscle and he started exercising in Californian prison!

How did Kali Muscle become so big?

He did not have fancy equipment for building muscles or special sports’ food. He did not build his body to become famous, but rather to survive in jail riots. All he used for the workouts was his belt and towel and his partner in trainings.

He developed a whole system of what he calls Prison Exercises for those, who have no means or money to do it professionally. When he got out, he used YouTube as his fame platform. Presently Kali Muscle has become a popular actor and bodybuilder. He was shot for the national commercial and people just love him.

biggest black man

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However, money and fame are not enough for the big man. He wants to make a difference. He knows that thousands of other young guys are doomed to pick false path of crime and violence. That’s why he established an organization and travels to talk to them and tell them his story. Yes, prison is not the end of it all. He still managed to make his dreams come true. But, others do not have to go through the same pain and troubles. Enjoy the photos and video with this huge black man!

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