Who is the first female black swimmer to win the Olympic gold?

Why the victory of Simone Manuel in Rio is so important for black people? Learn the story now.

Simone Manuel

Meet Simone Manuel. This talented and persistent woman has become the first black American to win the gold in swimming in Olympics. Her story is inspiring.

How did Simone Manuel win the gold?

She has become one of the Rio 2016 sensations. What did Simone Manuel do? She has become the first black woman to win individual gold medal in swimming in the history of Olympics!

The girl is very young. She has just turned 20 and she comes from Texas, USA. She is happy to be the first one and to inspire others and she hopes more and more black Olympic gold winners would turn up in the upcoming years.

Why her victory is so significant? One of the Montana University professors says that swimming is the sports with the most discrimination based on racism. In many of the pools in South they prefer to shut down instead of letting black people swim along with the white ones.

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Once the black people are allowed to swim in the pools in USA, most whites leave them and never return. That’s why Simone Manuel’s victory is so important for all the black people in USA and abroad. It is the key event in sports.

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