Who is the most muscular man in the world?

What does the most muscular man in the world look like? Who is he and how did he make to the top? Read the article to learn more!


There is so much fuss around bodybuilders. They constantly attract attention of fans and reporters. They tend to be very goal-oriented, as to achieve new heights they really need to put all their efforts into training, healthy lifestyle, right sleep and perfect diet. In 1987 a young Nigerian man was declared to be the most muscular man on the planet.

This information was published in a magazine called “Muscle and Fitness”. The editor of the magazine claimed that he was about 300 pounds which made him a real legend. However, the man himself was full of secrets and mysteries.


The editor did not say whether that was just an attempt to draw more attention, or the bodybuilder really did not remember, but Victor Richards claimed that he was born in 1966. This meant that at that time he was 21 years old. However, other reporters said that this information was misleading and, referring to some of their sources, mentioned that he really was two or three years older and was born in either 1964 or a year younger being born in 1967.

This is not the only mystery around Richards. This man was often asked about his training program, his approach to gaining more muscles and any advice for the new generation of the bodybuilders. However, despite all the hopes of people asking him these question he would rarely answer them.


Richards would claim that he did remember what exercises he did or what diet he sticks to. Probably, he just did not want to share his secrets, or maybe he wanted to gain popularity by being a mysterious legend. Whatever his reasons are, his personality was not known to the public.

Still, the reporters of Muscle & Fitness said that at his own time, Richards was able to impress even the most sophisticated fans of this sport. Being the most muscular man in the world, he had an astonishing muscular body. He was able to use 550 pounds on the incline bench and more than six hundred pounds when flat benching.


Moreover, he could squat nine hundred pounds and two hundred pounds on dumbbell press. This is not a full list of his achievements. His abilities really were amazing and even phenomenal. He never stopped training and amazing his fans with new weights and shapes. Trusted sources say that his thighs were 34” with the total frame of Richards reaching 5’9”. Check out the pictures of this most muscular man in the world to see the phenomenon I am talking about.

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G facts about Victor include the fact that he admired Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said that in many ways he found himself being very much alike a famous bodybuilder and an actor at that time. He did not care what people thought of him when he was on his way to fulfilling his dream or doing something that mattered for him. Richards claimed that he admired that Schwarzenegger was the one that people obeyed and danced for him. He was 100% sure that he was amazing!


Richards stated that his favorite athlete was Muhammad Ali as he was only driven by his personal beliefs and convictions. Richards claimed that Ali had dignity which he did not want to sell for anything. He did not step over his principles and always stuck to them. And that, in Richards’s opinion, is what made Ali a legend.

 The perfect lifestyle of this most muscular man in the world is a quiet lonely life somewhere in the jungles where he could tame a lion and live in the nature. He said that most of all he regrets that cannot have a lion in Los Angeles, as it is dangerous and people would not understand it.

In addition, Richards stated that he wants to win Mr. Olympia. However, it would not be a too much of a disappointment to him if he did not. He believed he could make a difference and always wondered that even tigers can be trained to live together with a cow. Why could not people then learn to live together in peace?


Richards was not just a legend in bodybuilding, he was a man of honor. He believed that the world should learn that it is not color that determines our value but rather a kind heart and actions that show what a man is worth.

Richards’ biggest fear was that one day he would be attacked by dwarves, and they would capture him and make fun of him. The good thing that it never happen! Way to go, Victor Richards! Nigeria can be proud of having such heroes.

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