Who is the richest sportsman in the world in 2016?

Do you know that various advertising campaigns give prominent athletes the considerable part of their total income? It is true. Ronaldo, LeBron James, Alonso, Tiger Woods. These names are always in the air. Keep on reading to get to know who the richest sportsman in the world is in 2016.

The US professional golfer Tiger Woods

The US professional golfer Tiger Woods is the richest sportsman in the world of all times. The 2016 year is not an exception. The prominent golf player keeps being the richest athlete in 2016 too.

In 2012, Tiger Woods became the first golfer in the history of PGA Tour events who managed to earn more than $120 million dollars of prize money.

Tiger Woods`s net worth is 879 million dollars. In 2016, he has already received over 60 million dollars according to Forbes.

Accumulated capital

Golf Digest reports that from 1996 to 2007 Tiger Woods made approximately $770 million dollars.

In 2009, Forbes released that the golfer became the first sportsman in the world who managed to pocket more than a billion dollars in his career.

Accumulated capital of Tiger Woods

According to Forbes, in 2010, Tiger Woods`s Forbes net worth was $610 million. It again made the golfer the first wealthiest athlete in the world.

In 2015, Woods took the ninth place ninth in the list of athletes who received the highest salary on the planet.

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By the way, Tiger Woods Foundation helps children from poor African families.

The richest sportsman in the world Tiger Woods

Professional triumphs

We would like to remind you Woods`s career achievements so that you understand better what he is being paid for. 

During his professional career in golf, Tiger Woods won 80 official PGA Tour events, counting fourteen majors. Many prominent golf experts heralded him the greatest closer in golf history. The athlete also owns the most career earnings of any other player in PGA Tour history.

Tiger Woods victories

Tiger Woods is one of five players who managed to win all the key professional championships in his career.

The golfer became the winner of the following tournaments:

  • PGA Tour wins (80 victories)
  • European Tour wins (40)
  • Amateur wins (21) 
  • Other Professional wins (16)

The great golfer Tiger Woods

  • Japan Golf Tour wins (2)
  • PGA Tour of Australasia wins (1)
  • Asian Tour wins (1)


Tiger Woods is the first sportsmen on the planet who became a billionaire. However, there is another interesting fact in this situation. The sportsman earned 92% of his money not on the golf course, but and on advertising. For example, Tiger Woods has been the leading character in Buick, Nike, and Gillette advertising campaigns.

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