Who is the Rock?

Who is The Rock? Find out the real name of this WWE fighter and famous Hollywood actor.

Any person in the world knows him as great wrestler, actor, and producer! Yes, Dwayne Johnson or just the Rock is the one we'll speak about. Want to know more secrets and interesting details about his personal life and career? Read the article!

who is the rock

Dwayne Johnson biography

Dwayne (Douglas) Johnson (this is his full name) was born in California in 1972. His dad, known as Rocky Johnson, used to be a professional wrestler (now retired), so there is nothing to surprise, Dwayne has chosen this field as well. In fact, majority of his family deals with wrestling, including the grandparents.

His father's black, while the mother is Samoan. Dwayne finished 10 grades in High School in state of Hawaii. Then they moved to Pennsylvania, where he obtained his full education. There he also started playing football. A bit later, he also became the track and field and wrestling teams’ member. We should say he had very good perspectives as a footballer. There were plenty of scholarship offers from various universities. He selected University of Miami. There he got Bachelor’s degree in physiology and criminology in 1995.

dwayne johnson biography

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Where was Dwayne Johnson born?

His native state is California. He was born in the city of Hayward. His family moved several times. That’s why he obtained his education in different states.

Dwayne Johnson career

dwayne johnson career

His career started in 1995 after the graduation. He began his training in wrestling. To say the truth, his father was against it first. But then, he agreed to become his coach.

Johnson held many fights within US Wrestling Association. He has even managed to win several championships, for instance, USWA World Tag Team Championship.

As for WWE, the Rock first appeared there as Rocky Maivia. His debut happened during Monday Night Raw as a member of The Stalker Barry Windham's entourage in 1996. However, fans rejected him from the start. Nevertheless, the Rock managed to win Intercontinental Championship from Hunter Hearst Helmsley during Monday Night Raw a year later. Then, he defended the titles at In Your House 12, 13, and at WrestleMania 13. He defeated several other opponents in the following years.

the rock dwayne johnson

Of course, there were also failures in his professional career. However, he has always stayed on top. In the late 90s, he started acting in Hollywood movies. He appeared in film The Mummy Returns in 2001. The role was very small, but they producers were really impressed by Rock's talent.

There was a several years break from wrestling, but in 2011, he appeared on Raw again. Now the Rock is back at WWE. In recent years, he has been noticed in WrestleMania XXX several times. Johnson still continues his career both in wrestling and cinematography.

This month he has appeared in Miami to prepare fans for WrestleMania. During time he was cutting promo, The New Day disturbed him. After that, the Rock dared them to get to the ring, though the champs declined and proceeded to the ramp. The Usos came out and threw them into the ring, and The Rock took care of all the rest. That was a real show!

How old is the Rock?

how old is the rock

Johnson is already 43, but he is still very attractive. He has lots of female fans among wrestling and movie lovers. He is energetic and surprises us with his performance every day.

Does the Rock have a wife?

the rock and Lauren Hashian

He used to be married with Dany Garcia, but they divorced in 2007. His current partner is Lauren Hashian. He also has two children. 

What else will happen soon? Will there be more outstanding fights? Or can we wait for a wonderful movie with his participation. Who knows? But he will obligatory surprise us again soon.

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