Who Wins? Samuel Okon Peters Vs Oleg Maskaev RESCHDULED

COUNTDOWN to the big fight on the 6th of October in  USA, New York, Madison Square Garden for the WBC Title




DATE OF BIRTH- 06/09/1980


REACH- 77''

HEIGHT-6′ 0½″


JAMES TONEY-   W              (06/01/2007)

JAMES TONEY- W               (02/09/2006)

JULIUS LONG-   W              (28/04/2006)

ROBERT HAWKINS- W        (15/12/2005)

VLADIMIR KLITSCHKO  L   (24/09/2005)


AGE- 38

MATE OF BIRTH- 02/03/1969




PETER OKHELLO-   W     (10/12/2006)

HASIM RAHMAN-    W     (12/08/2006)


LIVIN CASTILLO-   W     (24/06/2005)

QUINN NAVARRE-  W     (22/01/2005)


NAME                     F    W  L D K.O

SAMUEL PETER       29 28 1  0 22


OLEG MASKAEV      39 34 5  0 26

Based on age i'll give it to SAMUEL PETERS  and the last match i watched of him with JAMES TONEY,  he is an absorber. all the punches JAMES TONEY threw at him didnt move him

based on the opponents defeated, i'll give it to OLEG MASKAEV he defeated

but above all, i'lll pray SAMUEL PETER WINS.

IF SAMUEL PETER had 29 fight and lost only one via unanimous decision to WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO one of the best boxer, the i think he stand a better chance and with his age and strength. i believe he'll win

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the match between SAMUEL OKON PETERS and OLEG MASKAEV has been rescheduled for 2nd feb. 2008 and still taking place at madison square garden.

the sharing formula will be 55% for OLEG and 45% for PETERS.

i wish samuel peters the best and i pray he wins


learnt that, SAMUEL OKON PETERS have been made the INTERIM HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION for 3mths cos OLEG MASKAEV has been injured and will be out for the next 3mths

my take is that PETERS will definitely be the champ when he comes back. Peters lost only one match and in that match he knocked out his opponent 3 times but still lost


A balky back has forced Oleg Maskaev, the WBC heavyweight champion, to pull out of his fight against No.1 contender Samuel Peter at Madison Square Garden on Oct.6. No decision has been made as to whether the show will be postponed or canceled.

But Peter would like the show to go on and he wants to fight the next available contender for the interim title. Barring that, Peter still wants to fight and maintain his No.1 contender status.

"Samuel has been delayed from fighting for the title for so long it doesn't seem fair that he has to be punished again because Maskaev can't fight," said Dino Duva, Peter's co-promoter. "That's why we're urging the WBC to allow Samuel to fight for the interim championship on Oct.6."

Larry Torres, a spokesman for the Garden, said the situation is being evaluated and that there will be an announcement when a decision is made about the status of the show.

Maskaev seemed fine when he appeared at a special ceremony to retire the ring at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. But his manager, Fred Kesch, said he went for a run during training in the Poconos on Thursday and when he returned he was "tilted" over.

Kesch said MRIs revealed that Maskaev has several herniated and ruptured discs in his back and he would need four to six weeks to heal. Kesch said Maskaev's injuries would not require surgery, but he will undergo physical therapy. Kesch said Maskaev's camp has informed the WBC that the fighter would be available to defend the title in 90 to 120 days.

That is not good enough for Peter, who has been the No.1 for over a year. Peter had to fight James Toney twice - the last time on Jan.6 - and then had to wait for a proposed fight between Maskaev and Vitali Klitschko to fall apart before Maskaev agreed to fight him.

"Enough is enough," Duva said. "Samuel has been training and he's ready to go on Oct.6. This is not fair to him. His career has been put on hold for too long as it is."

Maskaev won the title with a 12th-round KO of Hasim Rahman on Aug.12, 2006. He has not fought since defending the belt with a 10-round decision against Peter Okhello in Moscow last Dec.10.

is this a mind game on SAMUEL PETER by OLEG? i also heard that they r planning a match for SAMUEL PETERS on that day oct. 6th, because he has spent alot of money for the camping. heard that a sparing partner collects $2k per week, i will tell him to just wait till OLEG is fit cos any knock out or loss on that day will hamper his chances of fighting.


Samuel Peters all the way


Five months after Samuel Peter earned a heavyweight title shot against Oleg Maskaev, the fight moved a critical step closer to happening Monday when promoter Dino Duva won a WBC-ordered purse bid in Mexico City. Duva, Peter's promoter, won the right to stage the fight with a bid of $3.201 million.

"Now it's time to work my [butt] off," Duva told ESPN.com in an e-mail.

Don King, who owns a chunk of Duva's company, came in second with a bid of $3.107 million. Maskaev promoter Dennis Rappaport was third at $2.5 million. There was a fourth bid of $2.001 million from a Russian promoter. Another Russian promoter offered $2.278 million, but it came in after the purse offer had closed and was not accepted.


I hope he wins. Nigerians will not send him or support him now, when he wins everyone will want to claim



Interestingly enough, of the few quality opponents Peter has faced during his career, he's lost a 12-unanimous decision to Wladimir Klitschko, a fight in which Peter knocked Wladimir down three times, and beaten James Toney - an undersized heavyweight - on two occasions, although Peter struggled badly in the first fight with him and barely escaped with a victory. I was not impressed by his performance, I considered the fight a draw.

Peter, 27, was hit often by Toney, who if he had perhaps been in better shape, might have caused Peter big problems and, perhaps, beaten him. Peter did, however, do much better in the 2nd bout with Toney. Though, the victory was made less impressive when I learned later that Toney had come into the bout weight drained from having lost a huge amount of weight while in training camp.

Wladimir and Toney, unfortunately, are the extent of Peter's record against A-grade opposition. The rest of his record is littered with victories over exclusively B-grade opponents, such as Taurus Sykes, Charles Shufford, Robert Hawkins, Julius Long, Yanqui Diaz, Gilbert Martinez, Jeremy Williams, Jovo Pudar, Dale Crow and many others of similar talent. They're all very good B-grade fighters, but not the kind that you'd expect to help catapult Peter into the #1 ranking in the WBC. Where are the victories over top level fighters, like Alexander Dimitrenko, Tony Thompson, Alexander Povetkin, Ruslan Chagaev, Hasim Rahman, Chris Byrd, Sergei Liakhovich, or Sultan Ibragimov?

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