Who Won the Copa America Tournament 2016?

How has national team of Chile scored its goal in Argentina gate? What is the total score of the match? Read the article to learn all details about one of the brightest games.

Chile Vs Argentina – the latest news

Chile Vs Argentina – the latest news

The latest details of Argentina vs Chile news became known. The football national team of Chile has won against Argentina in Copa America Final 2016 in the USA. The main time of final, past on Sunday night time, has come to the end with a goalless draw. In extra time, the score hasn't changed. In penalty series, the success accompanied Chileans. They have made 4-2. The destiny of penalty was decided by misses of Argentineans Lionel Messi and Loukas Billy.

Argentina vs Chile

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Game took place in dense fight and against a large number of preventions. In the first half, Brazilian judge has removed on one player of each team. At Chile Marcelo Díaz has left the field. As a part of Argentina, Marcos Rojo has been removed. Also players of both teams have received three yellow cards. Earlier football players of Colombia became owners of bronze medals of tournament. In the finale, they have beaten a team of the USA with score 1:0. Thus, the national team of Chile became the two-time winner of tournament, and for the first time it won it last year. Argentina is a 14-fold owner of a trophy, but last time a tournament obeyed it in 1993.

Copa America final

The most titled representative of competition is the national team of Uruguay, which has won a tournament 15 times. The 45th Cup of America was devoted to century of organization, which is the managing director of soccer in South America. Due to the significant date, competition for the first time in the history was held outside the South American continent.

The forward of Barcelona and Argentina national team Lionel Messi has declared that he won't support a national team anymore after its second in a row defeat from Chileans in Copa America final. The sports journalist Sam Kelly has reported about it on Monday. ‘I have made this decision for myself and for the sake of many people who wanted it. The decision was difficult, but I won't change it’ — the journalist has quoted words of Messi. In total as a part of Argentina national team, which the forward supports since 2005, he has played 113 matches and has scored 55 goals.

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