Why Dalian Atkinson, former Premiere League footballer, threatened to murder his father?

What happened with former footballer Dalian Atkinson? How it happened that he threatened to kill his father? Why was police Taser enough to make Dalian Atkinson`s heart stop?

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What can cause a maniac state of the former footballer? Dalian Atkinson threatened to kill his father while he was in the maniac state. The former footballer of Aston Villa died from a heart attack after he had been Tasered.  The police forces who came to the place of violence were forced to use Taser after false attempts to pacify Dalian.

Dalian Atkinson

According to his brother, Mr. Atkinson suffered from some health issues. Therefore, his heart was very weak, and he also had problems with a kidney. No wonder that one shot of thousands of volts could destroy the heart of the 48-years football player in 90 minutes.

Mr. Atkinson suffered

According to the relatives reports which were witnesses of the fight between Dalian Atkinson and his father. The former footballer grabbed his father, pinned to the wall and threatened to murder. Dalian also falsely supposed that he had killed all his relatives before threatening his father.

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According to relatives and friends, former footballer Dalian Atkinson suffered from the depression after finishing his career in 2001 in South Korea. The football players usually retire at the age of thirty-four or thirty-five. Nevertheless, not many of them can find a place beyond the sport lines.

Dalian Atkinson

The police forces and relatives of Dalian Atkinson acknowledge the fact that the officer had to use Taser to pacify the former footballer. Nevertheless, the police force officer would not have used the Taser if he had known about the medical condition of Atkinson. Still, using the Taser is under the question of local community due to this case.

People remember Dalian Atkinson`s goals and fantastic career. He was a good sportsman and fine man. Unfortunately, neither his physical, not mental state could tell his fans that he was able to live the life relieved from football. At least, Dalian Atkinson is in a better place now.

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