Why football is better than rugby

Sport is always a cool and interesting topic to talk about. What do you like more? Rugby or football? Why football is better? Find out right now!

Football fans are very numerous. There are millions of fans around the world (especially in England, France or Spain). But Rugby is not less popular than football. Of course, each kind of sports has its own fans and if someone loves basketball it would be difficult to convince him to become a fan of football, for example. But reasons why football is better than rugby, would be very interesting for everyone:

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 1. Beautiful Game

When people run, jump and move like showing some kind of dance…  That's the real beauty. Stylish uniform, green grass, fit men. No game can be compared to football.

2. Men's and women’s game

Anyone can come to the stadium and feel this energy. There are millions of football fans: men, women and children. Hundreds of people found their love at the matches.

3. Family game

family game

Children are always welcome at the football match. Most toddlers are fans of football. Since the young age boys and girls are playing football all the time. There are plenty of football players who began their career in the childhood. Also it’s so cool to gather the entire family, divide them  into 2 teams and play football all day long.

4. A game for healthy people

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If someone wants to play football he knows that there is no drinking and smoking allowed. Even if you drink alcohol or smoke something before the match you will regret it. This game needs a lot of energy. You should breathe freely, have a good reaction. That’s why your health conditions are very important.

5. Fraternal game

fraternal game

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People from different countries, different nations gather to watch the game of their favorite teams. Football is popular all around the world that why it has plenty of different but friendly fans. That is one of the answers to a question ‘why football is better than rugby league’.

 6. Glamorous game

The wives or girlfriends of the football players are becoming extremely popular. One of the most well-knows sides of football are glamour and style. Have you seen the hairstyles of the football players? Their suits when their out of the field. Yes, they are very glamorous.

 7. Musical Game

football stadium

Football songs and chants are so exciting and funny. Football songs are always very melodic and unforgettable, especially when the whole stadium is singing it.

 8. You can play football whenever you want

Do you know many people who can play rugby? Well, not many. But who can play football? Everyone. You can create your own team with your friends, go to the field and have fun.

 9. Dramatic play

They fall down, they cry after losing the match.  The football players are often injured. These all factors make this game extremely dramatic. You’ll never forget the feelings at the stadium.

10. A game that is popular all around the world

Whenever you are, you can find people who love football and become friends. If you move to another country there is always a local team. You can go to the matches and meet new people (and maybe even your love) there.

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 It doesn’t matter which game you like the most. If you are a real fan – it’s cool! Go in for sports and be healthy! 


Football as a female and a male -very interesting , modern, popular sport . Of course there are times when football is not very fond of , but it is a rarity these days. With regard regbi- I think the game is also quite lively, requires skill and good physical fitness . With regard to the fall of the players as the previous commenter put it , it is natural and should not be overstated that the player falls every five steps . It seems to me that as a sport , rugby is much more dangerous and much more chance of injury is great.

Answered 1 year ago.

Football was popular from a long daven, many generations have played in it, and boys and girls are sometimes addicted to this sport. And because it is now so popular, because everyone knows about it, from the oldest to the youngest. A rugby for more than a new kind of sport, which not everyone knows, or just don `t know what it is. My husband, for example, football is not very fond of him more interested in other sports. All sports have their fans, who are interested to watch the proishedshem news and events.

Answered 1 year ago.

I do not understand how you can compare these two great games. Then, they are separately available, because they could find their fans. Here you can talk endlessly and share their own opinions, but personally I like football. Probably because there are many beautiful and successful boys runs))) And maybe not so, but just like the meaning of the game and sports training, as well as thinking through the future strategy, speed of reaction and things like that. I am confident and rugby have the same thing, but for some reason my football more nicer and closer to the heart.

Answered 1 year ago.

in many countries (such as England or France) Rugby enjoys no less popular than football. This in itself is, in our humble opinion, the reason for the interest in Rugby (if you have not yet). 1. Beautiful game

How can you call football a beautiful when players fall down every five steps? And now look at a pier in Rugby when the phalanx from eight men is carrying the ball for thirty yards. That's a real beauty. 2. Men's game

Wayne Shelford, a former eighth room All Blacks, tore the scrotum in the match with France, but he continued to play in spite of it. Dida, Milan goalkeeper fell to the ground and he was carried off the field after his cheek ran fan. 3. Family game

Children are always welcome in the Rugby match. Often toddler fearlessly walk back and forth at the edge of the field. And if you manage to stammer in one gate, the team earns 3 points )))

Answered 1 year ago.
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