Why LeBron James was criticized on social media?

How did the latest match of national team of Cleveland take place? Did LeBron James help his native city to get several scores? Read the information below to learn the latest news.

LeBron James was criticized on social media

LeBron James news

Cleveland has won final of playoffs of National basketball association against Golden State with score 4-3 and has won a champion title for the first time in his history. Cleveland Cavaliers have interrupted 52-year series of Cleveland without victories in four main sports leagues of the USA (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL). In 1964, Cleveland Browns became victors of championship of National basketball league then the clubs representing the city haven't taken any trophy.

During final opposition with Golden State Warriors, everything said that the club from State of Ohio is expected by the next failure. Before the fifth match, Cleveland conceded to the last year's champion 1:3 and was in 1 step from total defeat. However, LeBron James and his company have made a miracle, having won three meetings in a row, including two exits. Cleveland has become history of NBA Finals Game 7 as the first team, which managed to win such super strong-willed victory in a final series of playoffs.

LeBron James news

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Historical event for team could not happen if there we no phenomenal game of James. The second unsuccessful NBA Finals in a row for LeBron and the fourth in his career could seriously strike on his reputation nearly the best basketball player of the last decade. As the insider of ESPN Chris Broussard has told, James kept a spirit and concentration in decisive matches of a season, including help of nonconventional methods of preparation.

NBA Finals Game 7

'Two years ago I have returned to native club to bring a champion cup to our city. At the first two meetings on Warriors platform, I was insufficiently good. I have watched many video of these matches and began to pay attention to details, to follow the plan. We have recouped with 1:3 for the first time in history. This is something special. Now we can deservedly celebrate. Our awards ceremony will be the most abrupt party in the history of the city. Cleveland never saw it before. So if you have a little spare cash in the budget, then you should arrive to our city to become part of this madness' — LeBron has told after a match.

Meanwhile, many assume that the next season will become the last in James' career. In the forward's asset, there are already three champion titles of NBA, two Olympics gold, a heap of rewritten records and world fame.

NBA Finals

LeBron James Instagram

The forward has also made a declaration of love to the won trophy. The athlete has posted the corresponding video on his page in Instagram. 'I love you. Love you so much. Never leave me. Don't leave me for so long time. I love you' — James said.

Also James has written the address to all who criticized him recently. He has posted in a social network the photo with Larry O'Brien's Cup and has answered those who showed discontent with game of the forward earlier.

LeBron James Instagram

‘They said that I became more sluggish and that my best days have passed. They put my leadership skills under doubts, thought that I have lost the murderer's instinct. They said that to come back home was a mistake for me. They said that they have dismissed the previous trainer through my fault and that there is no interaction with Kyrie Irving and that I will never become a champion as a part of Cleveland anymore, and so on… But I think that all this is eventually not about my affairs' – said the player in his message.

Now LeBron James basketball game can become a legendary. Social media criticized the player in vain, because he is a really talented sportsman.

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