Why weightlifter Mariam Usman refused to represent Nigeria at Rio Olympics 2016?

Why the only weightlifting sportswoman in Nigeria said that she didn’t take part in Olympic Games anymore? Read the article to detailed information about Nigerian sport.

Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016

Even before the sportswoman has left Nigeria for the sake of Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 in Brazil, Mariam Usman knew that getting of medal at the in Rio Olympics 2016 would be very hard. She has disappointed her team, which was full of hopes as during female +75-kg competition in weightlifting of the Olympic Games of London 2012, she couldn't lift any bar. The Commonwealth medalist says that the girl has completely lost trust and can't represent Nigeria on the international events. Mariam was the only weight lifter who presented Nigeria in Rio. She competed in +75 categories and has lifted 265 kg.

She has taken the 8th place in group. 'It is very sad that having arrived to Olympic Games you see people who are your contemporaries and who is better than you. But it is not because you are insufficiently capable but because you haven't been prepared for it as they are' – she said during conversation with reporters. 'For me it isn't incentive to arrive to Olympic Games each four years. Any athlete whom you can see here wants to step into a podium. If you don't seek to climb up, then you don't have sense to participate in the Olympic Games. I see sense in participation only if things change for better. But if the status remains, I don't think I will go to the Olympic Games ever again'.

Mariam Usman

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She said that she didn't have professional training while her colleagues from other countries who compete with her in Brazil have been trained within three or four years. 'The Olympic gold medal isn't cheap. It is very painful when you are in expectation of the fact that you will win a medal and you endow your nerves and forces. 'People with whom you have to compete had everything they needed: educational grants and the most modern equipment. I had nothing'.

The African champion has told that before Olympic Game in 2012 she had better training than now. 'Yes, I feel that 2012 was better. I had the best training, and my result was better. This time nothing was made for good result'.

According to schedule, Mariam Usman took place on the 9th place of the competitions. See more detailed dates on the official site.

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