Young Brazilian girl unveiled sexy photos with Usain Bolt

Is a hot Brazilian girl making out with Usain Bolt? Do you want to see the photos? All the pics are gathered here! Check out everything about personal life of a successful sportsman here!

Usian Bolt

Usain Bolt record winner, who has just celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday, was noticed dancing with a lady who was certainly flirting with him in the Barra de Tijuca club, which is located in the suburb of Rio.

However, later it became clear that he didn’t go with that girl. Another woman, who is 20 -year-old and a student from Rio, whose name is Jady Duarte, apparently has spent a lot of time with Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt love

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The pics of this couple did not appear in Usain Bolt Instagram. Duarte showed photos of her with the fastest runner in the world after a really crazy night of partying hard on the latest weekend of the Olympic Games. One of these pics – which first appeared on some popular Brazilian websites including such giants as El Globo after a girl shared the photos with her friends – Usain was like kissing Duarte on his cheek when she was looking into the camera.

Usain Bolt girl

Usain Bolt speed is world-wide famous, it seems that his relationships and romance will become extremely famous too!

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