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Did God Create Hell?

This is partly in answer to Seuns questions about God.

Very good questions. I offer an answer to the issue of God and Hell based on my own opinion, observations and what I understand from the bible which is my scripture of choice. I will also refer to other writings, myths and legends as I see fit. This is just my opinion which might be bull****, so u are free to disagree

Firstly I have not come across anything in the bible that explicitly says that God created hell for humans or that he throws people into it for punishment of their sins or that the devil and his demons are the wardens of this subterranean place of torture.  We can say he created it from the point of veiw that HE created all things and the devil does not have the power to create. All the false ideashave been invented over the years by various religious groups (including the religion called Christianity nowadays) to scare people away from sin.

Let us go to the beginning, when Adam sinned God did not at anytime mention him being thrown into hell. The initial warning was that he would[b] DIE[/b]. But when the deed was done he did not “die” in the expected sense but we were told that one of his first actions was to hide from the presence of God. This is the crux of the matter. The “death” was one of being cut off from the source that gave him life,that breathed into him[b] (Gen 2:7[/b]). His body died some 900 years later but the death was already implanted in his nature, his genetic code.

When the body died, the life of God, (that Adam had corrupted through his own choice) or what we can call his spirit, was released from his body. Here is the dilemma; he could not operate in this world , this physical realm, anymore, (because you need a body to do that) and he could not go back to the “father of Spirits” (Heb 12: 9) because he had made a conscious choice against him . Thus the only way to go for him was DOWN. Remember that the bible says that Adam was not deceived but Eve was, so he was not an innocent that was hoodwinked. He made a choice of his FREE WILL. And that is the basis of the whole existence of man and the universe, FREE WILL (but that is another topic for another day).

The state of trauma that the spirit of Adam (which is really the essence of Adam) was in is the condition of darkness,and desolation that can be interpreted DEATH leads to the descent into HELL. [/b]Remember that another set of spirit beings had earlier turned their backs on God and were refuges in the realms of darkness (devil and his boys) till the “appointed time”. These were older more evil and stronger in the realm of the spirit (though Adam was a god in the physical realm before he abdicated his authority) so, naturally, they bullied and tortured him. [b]So, all the ingredients for HELL, as we know it, were complete. And that established the pattern for all from the bloodline of Adam till this day. Does this seem strange? why do we feel lonely when we are seperated from a loved one? why does this lonliness become despair if the seperation is permanent? the bible says the spiritual births all we see and feel in this realm. thus, as it is here so it is in the spiritual

In essence, GOD DID NOT CREATE HELL AS A TORTURE CHAMBER FOR THOSE THAT SIN. Hell is the natural result of the state of existence known as death. All humans are by default spiritually dead, they are just waiting to fully manifest its reality. Seun has questioned why a loving God would throw his children in hell. Very good question, but God does not throw anybody in Hell, in fact, immediately Adam messed up, God started speaking words that will solve the problem. He was already devising a solution that will save his child from the mess he had gotten into. He was already preparing another innocent free from the bloodline of Adam (not Eve) that will exist just as Adam did that will make the right choices. He was willing to sacrifice this innocent (who was really Himself in a paradoxical way) and exchange his life for that of Adam thereby satisfying all JUSTICE (which paradoxically is Himself too)

So, Seun God does love his children, and yes, a loving God would never throw his children into a place of eternal torment forever. He did not create hell for his children, and to the contrary , the bible describes death and the consequent state called hell as enemies that shall be conquered last ( Rev  19:20, Rev 20:10, Rev 20:14, Rev 20:[/b]15 ) Jesus is also described in the bible as storming hell to plunder the enemy there (doesn’t sound like a friendly prison to me). [b]

(Rev 1:18)  I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Rev 20:14  And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

1Co 15:26  The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

The torment that goes on forever and ever described in Rev 20:10 is as a result of the utter separation from God in the Lake of Fire as I have already explained. Now all those humans that will partake of this second death have all been given a second chance. Those who never heard of The Solution before there deaths will be given a chance in the millennial reign (you can look this up with real  bible scholars, I am just a concerned citizen) so everyone is given the same choice that Adam had.

So it all boils down to free will, either you accept The Solution or not. So, people do not “go to hell” because of their religion, race, sexual orientation etc, they “go to hell” because that is the state they were born in, except they accept The Solution of a loving Father.

Enough of all this bible quoting! There are people here who don’t even believe the bible but even our folklore (Nigerian Folklore) tells us of how the spirits of wicked people haunt dark places, crying and looking for rest. Sounds like hell to me. We are also told that good men go to meet their ancestors. Remember what Jesus said about Lazarus and the rich man? Lazarus (a good man) was in the bosom of Abraham his ancestor while the rich man was tormented. I can deduce from this that even in “hell” there was a difference in the amount of trauma experienced by a spirit based on how he lived his life and satisfied his conscience, at least till the permanent solution came. Even David, thousands of years before Jesus, talked about the assurance that his soul would not be left in hell (Ps 16:10, sorry I quoted again) but rescued someday.

Forgive me for the long post, I hope it will be useful to someone

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