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Top 4 human barbie dolls: who are they?

Top 4 human barbie dolls: who are they?

Who would have thought that one day people will copy the doll? There are girls who look, speak and move like lively Barbie in every country. I suggest you get acquainted with human Barbies in this article. This is something incredible!

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Worried "How Do I Break This"?

Hello fellow friends. I am sending this post this time as a confused person. It is a story that has been worrying me for some time now.

And this is my story!!

My friend once introduced me to a girl, and this girl in question is a cousin to this friend of mine. After the introduction we just started been playful to each other, you know what I mean! And along the line she made clear that she loves me and I did not hesitate but to say I love her too. We started living as expected on and on!

One day I traveled to my village to carry out an assignment and she tried my number without getting me. So when I was in the village I realized I made a promise to somebody never to cheat. I wondered and had a long though

Meanwhile I already had a friend whom I cherished so much, and I promised never to cheat on her, which I am trying to protect. And when I returned this my friend told me she was angry that I did not call her not even my friend to know how she was doing and showered a lot of insauts on mw. And he said she said she was even tired of me and that she had enough guys out there willing to have her. Then I just walked out of his room and went home.

Few days after that I saw her and I acted very strange and she was surprised, she new she was guilty and she asked me if her cousin told me anything. I was silent and walked away.

My plan is to forget about her. because I don’t even want her to come close to me any longer. And her cousin is saying I shouldn’t that the girl will be sad if I did that cuz he brought is together in the first place and he will decide when I will put an end to it. I have already made my intention known to the girl that I was no longer interested in the poo.

Now, please you people should advice me on how I am going to treat this case I mean how am I going to tell her it is no more.

NOTE: I don’t like this girl, though she is beautiful, but loves too much of the sex thing which is what I had there is time for everything, not always. And the other girl is just the best I think for myself.

What do I do


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