Famous comedians: What is Helen's Tatafo path to success?

Helen Paul is a famous Nigerian comedian, an actress, and a singer. Her biography is an inspiring path to fame. What is so inspiring about her? Read the article to find out.

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Tatafo’s real name is Helen Paul Bamisile. Being a brilliant actress and a comedian, she is an icon for many young people today. And she really is worth knowing more about. Here are those parts of Hele Paul’s biography you should really know about.

Tatafo is 38 years old, but she looks incredible. She is a mother of two and is happily married to a man named Femi Bamisile, a legal practitioner. Her story started as not the luckiest one, but she used all the hardships for her own good. Helen Paul, Tatafo, was raised and supported by her mother and grandmother throughout her early years of childhood. The reason why her father was nowhere around was not mentioned in her story. But it is obvious that her mother and grandmother were supportive of her, considering how high she made it up the career ladder of a comedian, an actress, and a singer.

As a child, Tatafo used to entertain her friends with telling them the funny stories or acting something out. She got quite popular in the view of her special child’s voice. She went to school, and though she studied well, the family had no money to send her to a special school or any of the drama classes. Therefore, the girl went to an ordinary school called Omiyade Primary School where she git her primary education.

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She later got to another school to complete her secondary education, though she had to start working very early and support herself, as her family had no funds to help her out. Her first jobs had nothing to do with her biggest passions. However, she picked them without complaints, as she wanted to earn some money to be able to afford professional higher education.

Her first job was that of a receptionist where she received not enough even to cover her basic needs not even the higher education. That is why she also agreed to work nights to be paid well. After some time she entered one of the Universities on Lagos and got her bachelor’s degree with major in Theater Arts, Later she went back to studying and obtained a Master’s degree in Lagos as well in 2012.

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With the course of time, Tatafo got several extremely prestigious certificates and honors including that from the School of Media and Communications in Pan-African University and one more from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. Helen Paul’s biography included many of other prestigious degrees in Arts.

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She is currently getting her Ph.D. in Theater Arts at the same University she got her bachelor’s at. As Helen Paul states she believes that education is a state of mind and not just a piece of paper; therefore, she continues studying at different educational establishments even now to learn from the most prominent people in her field of expertise.

She first got famous when her child’s voice was discovered. Helen Paul describes this page of her biography saying that she was working at a radio station at that time. One of the radio’s clients needed a child’s voice on one of the programs, and since no children could do that they asked Helen Paul to perform for them. The radio managers loved her voice so much that later she was also involved to work with different artists and bands like Yinka Davies, etc.

As we have already mentioned, Helen Paul is not only a successful comedian but also a happy wife and a mother. Their relationship with her husband also started as a part of some comedy. Back then she worked in a company with few other people. Her boss often invited his lawyers and just friends to his office, and whenever they came to him on their way home they left money or something delicious for the workers. However, Femi Bamisile never left anything. The employees thought that it was too rude of him, so one day Tatafo came to him and told him that they believe that he is too uptight because he leaves no money for them to buy something sweet.

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That is when he started leaving them money and bringing some soft drinks and sweets. This continued for some time until one day he told Tatafo that he is in love with her. She could not resist his charm, and in 2010 they got married. Since that time they have two beautiful children. As Helen Paul told the journalists in one her biography interviews, she sees her husband and her children as her closest friends and her biggest support. She finds joy in being their mother and a caring wife.

Helen Paul worked as a presenter at her own time. She was both officially employed by one of the media stations and worked as a freelance worker at another one. She worked at the LTV8 Continental Broadcasting Service and Mnet at the JARA program. At the last mentioned program she was known as Tatafo, a kid who gives opinions in certain social situations and cases. That is where different current celebrities from Nollywood were presented in the “who-is-who” light.

Helen Paul’s way into the comedy world started at the radio station where she worked as a backup and a voice over for different characters. The Eko FM was a place where she started featuring on various music projects. She was also chosen as a person to create music jingles for several companies among which are Peak Milk, Bank PHB, Indomie Noodles, etc.

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She is still involved into the radio activities, as she is the hostess of the “Tatafo Gist” at Naija FM as well as “Comedy Drive Time with Tatafo” at Metro Radio station. Her style can be seen through both of these programs. In her ironical and comic style, she addresses different problems of the society that exist today. She is very loved for her openness and ability to combine sharp criticism and mild character. As people familiar with the state issue Tatafo has brought much light and laugh into the lives of the Nigerians through these programs.

Helen Paul is a woman of many talents: she is a great comedian, a talented actress, a loved singer, and a radio presenter that gathers large listenership. However, these are not all she is famous for. She learned how to do what she loves and help other develop in certain areas. That is why Tatafo’s love to studying and theater talent found their realization on her Academy of Arts. The school she started was called “Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy.” As Helen Paul stated to the journalists, the opening of the Academy was her dream since she was a child.

Just like she always wanted to study Theater Arts back then, she wanted other young people to be able to study what they love the most and get their education in the area of their biggest passion. Many famous contributors decided to help Helen Paul in her effort to open this Academy. They noted that this would be their attempt to improve the situation with both education and entertainment in Nigeria today. The educational establishment cost the contributors a fortune, as Helen Paul wanted to make it perfect. She organized modern makeup studios, dance studios, and a digital library.

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Helen Paul also added special rehearsal studio and an editing place to the Academy for students to be able to edit and rehearse their performances in the environment that have everything needed for it. She has also insisted on constructing a particular hostel for students coming from all parts of the country. The hostel is brand-new and quite modern with everything a young person today might need. The Academy has a broad range of courses that students can take. These courses include Dance, Graphics Design, Cinematography, Acting, Photography, Video Editing, Sound Engineering, Hair Styling, and Costuming. What a wide range of specializations.

However, the “Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy” is not the only thing she is focused on. Being a talented comedian, Helen Paul keeps working on her own talk shows, featuring on different music projects and filming and acting in movies.

Being an active personality in her own field, Helen Paul’s efforts to achieve more and help others be successful, she was awarded numerous awards and honors. Among them are the Award for being a Comedienne of the Year (2012), Female Presenter of the Year (2012), Best Comedian of the Year (2010), Recognition Award as Ambassador of Peace and Unity for a Better and Greener Nigeria (2012), and the Best Gospel Singer of the Year (1999).

As you see, a talented person can be skilled in different areas. Helen Paul is one great example that proves this to be true. Her biography shows us that one does not have to come from a prosperous family with enough funds to pay for their education and promotion. Talent is what it takes to become a real success; at least this is how it all worked out for Helen Paul. You can learn more about Tatafo or Helen Paul as most of us know her and get inspired by her talent. You can also encourage talents of children just like the family of Tatafo did for them to pursue later their dream and maybe one day becoming a new inspiration for the next generation.

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