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I want to become extremely wealthy! I love designing clothing, shoes, and interior design. I want to pursue my passion and become wealthy while doing so. Where do I start?

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In addition to the mandatory skills a designer also needs to strive constantly for self-improvement. Expand horizons, read classical and modern literature, monitor trends, because you can adopt the best practices, invent ideas and learn something from predecessors.

Successful designer is a talented and single-minded person. Of course, the designer’s success depends on his ability to communicate with customers, so you need to have good manners, be punctual, polite to talk with your customers and take their preferences.

The inspiration for the creative person plays a very important role also, because it builds all your work. Therefore, in order to have always a lot of ideas and effort to implement them, it is necessary to have a really good rest, avoid fatigue, take care of your own mental and physical health.

Speaking about turning your passion into fortune it can’t but should be mentioned about the usage of advertising. It should work for your positive image. New acquaintances can bring good customers, so - be sociable. Also attend the meetings of designers, share and learn the experience of the professionals. For the effective presentation of your projects create a portfolio website where you should place your best works.

Offer your services on the Internet. For this, there are special labour markets of freelancing, advertising boards, forums, and so on. UpWork is supposed to be the best one.

Nowadays, there are a lot of modern gadgets and programs that can facilitate the work of the designer, to make it better. Use new technologies for the development of your own business.

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