How famous is Beyoncé in 2016?

This black woman has just triumphed at Super Bowl 2016. Learn the biograhpy and facts on Beyonce.

Who is Beyoncé?

Who is Beyoncé

We all know and love Beyoncé songs, but what do we know about her persona? The full name of this black celebrity is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. She was born in 1981. Her place of birth is Texas State, Huston city. She is American, but the rumor states some of her ancestors came from Nigeria. Besides that she carries genes of French and Irish people.

Beyoncé career

beyonce career and songs

Her career has started back in 90s of the last century.  She was on the Destiny Child Disney band and the band has become one of the best in the world. Later on in 2003 she has recorded her first solo album called Dangerously in Love. Beyoncé Crazy in Love song entered 100 best singles list.

The second one of the Beyoncé albums came out in 2005 and it was called the B’Day.

how beyonce started

Being just 19 years of age she has sold over 118 000 000 singles! You can find Beyoncé YouTube videos to enjoy her talent. Her first album brought her 5 Grammies! At this she has started singing, when she was 8 years of age.

Beyoncé family

beyonce in childhood

She got married in 2008. Jay-Z has become the lucky man to get her. Just 2 years later the couple was called to be the richest and most earning among all other celebrities. Together Jay-Z and Beyoncé over 120 million dollars per year.

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jay z beyonce husband

Their first baby girl come in 2012 and  Beyoncé news of getting pregnant has spread like fire on Twitter. Which got her into the Guinness Book for the second time. The Beyoncé daughter’s name is Blue Ivy Carter.  

beyonce family and daughter

Beyoncé news –Bowl 2016 halftime show

beyonce super bowl 2016

This year Beyoncé debuted her new song at Super Bowl halftime show. The song is called Formation. The name is the part of the name for Beyoncé 2016 The Formation World Tour. The show is a definite success. Beyoncé took it over and dominated the state and the minds of people at the stadium and those watching from their homes.

beyonce formation tour

She has also launched Super Bowl commercial for her  The Formation World Tour 2016. The choreography, powerful music and voice of Beyoncé left people with amazing impression. Of course, Beyoncé Super Bowl 2016 had an edgy side to it. During one of the dance elements, when the singer had to squat down deeply almost to the stage, she almost fell down. She seemed to lose her balance, but instead of falling down, she jumped backwards and jumped right up! Cheers for Beyoncé, her strength and her presence of spirit in all situations.

Interesting facts on Beyoncé
beyonce success

  • In 2010 People magazine named her as the most beautiful woman in the world;

  • She was able to sign some very lucrative endorsement deals with such companies as L’Oreal and Pepsi, which brought her millions of dollars;

  • She runs couple of side businesses and Beyoncé Cosmetology Center is one of them;

  • In 2007 she was the first one among the ladies with no sport (or modeling) background to appear on the Sports Illustrated cover’
    beyonce sports illustrated

  • In 2010 she (for the first time in history) got 6 Grammies at once;

  • Her net worth is about $300 million.  

Enjoy watching Beyoncé historical   halftime show at Super Bowl 2016 and share away! 


Beyonce, born 4th September, in 1981, known being rather lucky person. Since 2008 she shares happy with Jay-z marriage, having a not less cute daughter. Wiev Beyonce's networth a day or much of celebrity's lifestyle, career steps to gain fame http://networthcelebrities.com/beyonce-net-worth/ . Her sources of income are espessially wide and not less different - albums, concerts, tutoring, appearance in TV shows, cooperation with companies, sales of designer works, perfumes, playing the movies, charity.

Answered 1 year ago.

Beyonce is a very beautiful black beauty. She probably rightfully deserves to be called beautiful. most men don't like skinny women, but prefer their women curvy large shape, which can be a nice to touch to touch them. I also stand in solidarity with those people their opinion, because such a figure glowing with health even as just a pleasure to watch. Beyonce just has such a beautiful appetizing appearance, she has a great voice and she dancing very good command of his body just stunningly gorgeous.

Answered 1 year ago.

I really like the music of Nigeria and its artists. Especially I like to listen to Beyoncé. I like her album titled Dangerously in Love. While still very young she became very famous and has released many singles. This year, she released a new song. The song is called Formation. This young and talented singer won the hearts of many people. She belich fans who come to hear her. For the singer is very important love of the public. I will wait impatiently new songs Beyoncé. I wish her success and winning new fans.

Answered 2 years ago.

Beyoncé is one of my favorite singers idols. Always I put her as an example, beautiful figure, the face and voice of a great. Her songs have always been in my mind, I see that my daughter just passed on the love of it. It is a big boy, because in these years has made a lot of things in life. Thank you for the article for more information about the singer, I'm very happy for her that she won in the Super Bowl 2016. I want that she would long to please us with their creativity. After all, she is an example for many.

Answered 2 years ago.
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