How to become a better person?

Do you want to improve yourself and become the better person? Find out top nine the best effective tips to do it!

better person

It’s not a secret that everyone wants to become a better person. All of us make mistakes and have traits which we would like to get rid of. If you improve yourself, you will become a happier person. So here are nine ways to be a better person.

 improve yourself

1.    Be willing to change

This is the most important point, because if you are unwilling to change, other tips do not matter. Change is the only way to for development. Keep an open mind and start from small and you will transform into the person you want to become.

 Be willing to change

2.    Be honest

Honesty is the best remedy for every situation. Nevertheless, nowadays it is hard to meet an honest person. Most of them think that they lie to others for the best purposes, but this is just a self-deceit.

If you noticed, that you sometimes lie for whatever reason, it is time to change. The best way is to challenge yourself by developing good habits. Promise yourself that you will only tell the truth for one month. If you are a compulsive liar, start from small goal – to be honest for one day. When you accomplish it, increase your goal by two or three days.

 Be honest

3.    Stop making excuses

Instead of making excuses and blaming others when something goes wrong, take responsibility for your own mistakes. It is extremely important to stop making excuses and take the blame when it is truly your fault. Understand that everybody makes mistakes. However, the wise and smart people don’t regret, they perceive mistakes as lessons and learn from them. It helps them to become a better person and achieve more.

 Stop making excuses

4.    Listen to people

In the modern society,  everyone is in the rush. People are busy with their lives, families, and careers, so they don’t have time to listen what other people have to say. Everybody wants to be heard, therefore listening to people is one of the greatest things you can do.

Listen to people

It will give you the opportunity to develop valuable connections, meet the most amazing people and close the biggest deals. Being a good listener will not only improve the mood of others but also change your life for the better.

.    Listen to people

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5.    Stop being angry

Anger will only damage relationships with people and increase your blood pressure. Therefore it is essential to learn how to overcome it. It is really beneficial skill even though it is extremely difficult to master.  Staying angry will create even more problems for you.

Stop being angry

What to do? Find the way to change your positive emotions into positive. For example, when you notice that you are angry, pinch your hand. This way your brain will associate negative emotions with pain, so you subconsciously will avoid them. Also, you can relax your nerves with the help of stress ball.

 Stop being angry

6.    Surprise someone special

Do something out of the ordinary for the person you love. It may be your spouse or partner, friends, children or a family member. Plan a special surprise for them. You can make a gift for them by yourself or plan a nice vacation or arrange a party. When you make somebody smile, you will experience one of the best feelings in the world!

   Surprise someone special

7.    Forgive someone

It is really difficult to forgive someone who hurt you. In reality, if you take offense at somebody, it means that you are constantly feeling negative emotions and the only person who suffers from it is you. Therefore it is crucial to forgive everybody who hurt you. You may not even tell it to people, just do it for you.

Forgive someone

 You need to realize that all people are not perfect, so try to forgive them instead of holding these mistakes against them for life. Go through your past and forgive someone who hurt you. This way you will become a better person.

Forgive someone

8.     Be a role model

Sometimes you need to be a role model to someone to get your act together. You can start small and be a coach a kids’ team, “big brother” to someone,  or be a role model to your children. No matter what you choose to do, always make decisions that the person looking up to you will respect.

 Be a role model

9.    Do something you don’t want to

You probably heard that it is crucial to leave comfort zone if you want to become a better person. This is not as complicated as you think. Just start doing things which you normally wouldn’t do.  Take a risk and challenge yourself to try something you’ve always been scared to do. For example, if you always were afraid of a roller coaster, do it now. The new experience is always valuable.

   Do something you don’t want to

Find out more tips in the video below!

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