How to have a good voice – 10 best methods for Nigerians

Wish to sing like a celeb? Find out about the best techmiques used to make your voice stronger and nice, when speaking or singing.

There are lots of people with wonderful voices in Nigeria and in the world. Some of them are professionals, while others are just amateurs. Plenty of us are eager to know how to have a good voice, how to train it in order to make it beautiful to sing or at least to have special intonation.
How to have a good voice

Before moving on to certain methods, it’s better to understand the term. Voice training, also known as voice therapy, is a complex of special techniques used in the speech disorders management or for improvement of human voice for singing or for achieving a specific intonation.

Reasons to start

 good voice – 10 best methodsThere may be plenty of reasons to take up voice training. Their list includes the following:

  1. To control the voice. It’s useful for everyone, who has to speak in front of the group of people. Exercises may help to make the speech more effective
  2.  good voice – 10 methods for Nigerians 1To sound more engaging. When people hear too quiet and monotone voice, they stop listening. To make them interested, you should sound enthusiastic and energetic, make special emphasis where necessary, thus, you’ll get all the attention.
  3. To apply full capacity of the voice. Your own voice may surprise you. It has the power to influence the audience in a positive way.
  4. To develop full potential. Training will help to create your vocal strength, and to discover your “true” voice.
  5. To sing well. This is probably the most common reason. Many people adore singing. And to do it better, training is necessary. All the things listed above might be also of use.

Voice training techniques

If you want to know how to train a good voice, you should familiarize yourself with the special methods. They include:

  1. Warm good voice – 10 best methods for Nigerians-ups. Humming is very effective technique for this. This technique is necessary to prepare your vocal cords for work. You may sing, for instance, 8 notes in a musical scale differently (making them long and short). It’s essential to sing at natural pitch and volume. Another warm-up method is called “siren”. Sing one sound over and over.
  2. Tone and breath control. Choose one note, which's easy and natural to reach. Begin singing a sound at a soft and low volume in a single breath. Then, gradually build it up until you achieve your maximum. After that, again revert to the original one.

    How to have a good voice 2
  3. Sing while doing something. It’s more effective when a person is doing anything he/she likes. Sing anywhere you want, as quiet or as loud as you like. You can use karaoke discs or any files from the Internet as well.
  4. Listen to other people's voices. It’s useful to do it, and then analyze why they are good, and what makes their voices sound beautifully.
  5. Try to make the voice sweet, distorted, rough, angry, childish, stupid, etc. The more emotions you're able to express, the better your voice becomes.
  6.  Extend the singing range. ‘Gi’ vocal exercise is very useful (such syllable helps to reach higher registers). You should hit the top note of each key at least three times before coming back to lower ones in the scale.
  7. Develop your Vibrato. It’s an advanced technique. It's usually connected with how a person produces rapid pitch variations in their voice while sustaining one note. Try to locate the area between the lowest ribs of your chest in the centre of your torso. It's a soft and vulnerable body area, which affects the breathing stability. Then, using “Ah” vowel, press this area.

     good voice – 10 methods for Nigerians
  8. Sustain your voice. Use “Eh” vowel for such exercise. Make certain your voice's stable when you sustain the long note. Move gradually from note to note with the smooth tone (five of them are enough). It should be performed in one breath.
  9. Develop a smooth voice. It means no obvious breaks as you move from low to middle and high notes and then back down. Five notes are enough again.
  10. Vocal flexibility. Any exercises with many pitch jumps might be applicable for improving it.

Interesting and useful exercises

To understand better how to train your voice, we offer several exercises:

  1. Glides. You should blow air through a small stirring straw while making glides up and down through the singing range. It helps to reduce puffiness.

  2. How to have a good voice 3Lip trills. Blow air through your closed and relaxed lips. They should start trilling. It helps to maintain cord closure.

  3. Creaky Doors. Make a little sound, resembling a creaky door. Then do a scale using little air. Thus, you can build coordination to maintain necessary cord closure.

  4. Ngs. Try making “ng” sound. It provides backpressure and makes the transition between lower – upper registers easier.

  5. Hooty gees. Pronounce the word “gee” with dopey cartoon voice. You must feel the larynx drop. Gradually it’s possible to shift to a more natural voice.

  6. Nasty nays. Say the word “nay” on a bratty or Wicked Witch–type sound. This and the previous exercise might help to reach upper registers easily.

  7. Coo Coos. The coo may sound hooty, like an owl, for additional ease in reaching high notes.

  8.  good voice for Nigerians 1Googs and Mums. Maintain the vowel of “goog” in upper register. The vowel and consonant of the word “mum” provide less help, which makes it a more advanced exercise.

  9. Aahs. It’s for lower register. Do this in 5-tone scale, using little air.

  10. Ooh-Oh-Uh-Ahs. It is useful for balance resonance. Thus, the more closed vowel will help to get into the upper registers. Gradually open to the wider one while keeping the resonance in the same place. If your tone gets strained, come back to the narrower vowel to make the voice balanced.

Training tips

There are several tips, which will teach you how to have a good singing voice. You’ll see the following among them:

  1.  have a good voice – 10 methods fRecord your voice. It’s very good advice. Thus, you may discover any problems or defects. It’s effective, because it also allows listening to your own singing as the other people hear it (or close to it). When we sing, we hear it differently, inside our head. Besides, try to use various intonations and emotions while recording.
  2. Practice regularly. Constant training makes it easier to reach your purpose.
  3. Edit out parts of recording. Thus, you can learn what sounds good in the recording.
  4. Get ready for a long process. It may take time; first, you must know everything about your voice and its potential.
  5.  Nigerians good voice Keep your throat clear. It’s better not to consume lots of dairy products. Instead of them, drink water with the half of a lemon to clear your phlegm.
  6. Quit eating late. It can lead to acid reflux, and finally affect vocal cords.
  7. Don't smoke. Your lungs need to be healthy for proper and successful training.

Now you understand how to have a good voice. Try to keep to the advice and tips listed above to reach stated goals.

Voice training's a very useful thing in our everyday life. It's good not only for the purpose of singing, but also for making your speech more colorful, expressive and interesting.

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Some people have good voices from birth. However, this fact doesn’t obligatory mean the others cannot achieve it. Good training can help you. The only thing you should do is to hold on to effective advice. Work hard, keep your lungs and vocal cords in good condition, and you’ll be surprised how your voice can change for the better!


Great singing tips. Thanks for sharing this!


Answered 1 year ago.

Indian yoga is known for his deep beautiful voice, which is achieved through this simple exercise.

Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart, take a few relaxing breaths, and then dial the air in the stomach and make one sharp exhale, accompanied by the sound "haa".

The exhalation should be complete, and the sound is so loud as possible. It can be heard in the neighbouring houses :) you can slightly bend your body forward.

Extending the language: first, stick out your tongue down as far as possible, trying to get him with the tip of the chin. Then, tilt the head forward, with the tongue still protruded. Further, the language already try to get the tip of the nose, and the head lift up as high as possible.

Answered 1 year ago.

To have a good voice is one thing, but to be able to use it and control is another. Since everyone has a childhood dream to become a good singer. And looking on TV until Artists breathtaking. To become a singer needs a long time to learn and train voice. So long as the athlete needs training body so singers voice training required. Tips from author really good and definitely need to use them because they are good not only for the Nigerian singers or singers. My daughter has a good voice but not perfect. Thank you for such a useful topic for us, wake follow all the advice.

Answered 2 years ago.

not many have a beautiful voice from birth, because the singers are not only those who has a beautiful voice. but those who spend a long time time to special education, has trained his voice. The voice is not just communication for communication, because from his tone we can create the impression of a man. If the person's voice rough and loud, it is likely that many will compose the first impression that man is evil by itself, and rude. So the train is useful not only for singing on stage, but also for its beauty of communication.

Answered 2 years ago.

I think that every person should have a nice and strong voice to make others to hear you in a proper way. I have some problems with my voice - I afraid to speak loudly, although people say that my voice is pleasant. But the voice is important to my profession, because I work a teacher at school. So I try to speak a lot, to say each word clearly and correctly. Now I have a little daughter and we sing a lot of songs together. So my voice improved greatly. Thanks to your article and your tips I hope I would have a great voice in the future, because it has a great importance to me.

Answered 2 years ago.

To my mind, a good and nice voice with prorer volume and intonation is very important not only when you are a singer. It is very helpful and useful in many other professions which demand the straight communication with people. I, as a teacher, know this exactly. Nobody wants to hear your monotonous speech during the whole lesson. It is important to presentate the material in proper way in order to make those, who listen to you, to hear what you are trying to say. These are nice tips, and just remember - no matter where you are working you communicate with people, so make this communication pleasant for them.

Answered 2 years ago.
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