How to increase willpower

You always wanted to increase your willpower but didn't know how to do it right? Read this article and find out.

Willpower is the measure of the person’s ability to transfer their intentions to the reality despite the short-term momentum (desires, habits, weaknesses, emotions, fears, etc.). Roughly speaking willpower is a struggle of the mind with the body. The more developed it is, the more easily we overcome our body, gaining a victory over the lower desires in every branch of our business.


Sometimes it’s hard to resist the weaknesses, habits and some other needs. A man with a weak willpower risks falling into perpetual slavery of the body, his habits. Driven by the blind instinct, he won’t get a right to choose. This person may be perfectly aware of the problems. Maybe he even passionately wants to get rid of them, to start a new life and it’s not impossible. He just doesn’t have enough strength to say “no” to his desires.

Sometimes it happens because of the rough conditions that people live in. We all know how hard life can sometimes be for us in Nigeria. But we are really strong people and we know how to deal with the problems. However, it’s not always easy. So how to increase your willpower?

increase your willpower

Willpower is like a muscle, in order to develop it, it is necessary to exercise every day. Every time you act in a right way, this muscle grows and becomes stronger. Once you stop doing it the muscle becomes weak.

Here are some tips how to increase your willpower and self control

1. Start small.

Increase the load gradually as there’s no point to rush. Think wisely about your goal and the ways you can achieve it.

2. Organize your schedule.


Try to get up every day at the same time. It won’t be a problem for you once you get used to it. And later you will find out that there are a lot of perks of getting up earlier too.

3. Plan your business, and follow the plan.

Create some standards and follow them. For example, write an article about self-development, finish reading the book you dropped, clean the hard drive, etc.

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4. Do not wait for "later"

If you have no actual reason not to do what you promised yourself to do - do it. Even if you are tired and lazy, learn to step over this "do not want”.

5. Exercise


Sport is great discipline. It develops the will, because exercise is a constant overcoming of laziness. During each session you have to step over yourself, through your tiredness and discomfort. If you don’t do any sport, start to do simple exercises every morning. It should become your routine. For example, do those exercises 5 times a week for 20 minutes.

6. Stop wasting time

Limit the time you spend doing senseless things like watching TV shows or using social networking. Read more useful literature, spend some time outdoors. Develop and improve your skills, learn something new from books and other sources.

7. Give yourself a promise and follow it


If you have the right mindset it will be easier for you to follow all the plans you have. Be honest with yourself and keep your promise – it will give you an excellent feeling that you fulfilled your dreams and reached your goals.

8. There has to be order everywhere.

Clean your bedroom and your workplace, wash the dishes, etc. Think of a special place for all your belongings. Remove useless files from the folder, get rid of an inactive contact list in the social networks, delete all the spam from your mail.

ways to increase willpower

9. How to increase willpower and determination? Don’t promise yourself to start on Monday

Start working on the development of willpower straight tomorrow. Wake up early and start acting! Then tell yourself that from now on you will get up every morning half an hour earlier and do the exercises. After that, go to a bookstore and buy a good, informative book and start reading it. Let this be your first step towards the development of willpower.


Do a little more.

Read one more page before you close the book. Wash additional plates when washing dishes. Walk for a few minutes more, during your daily walks.

Please respect their decisions.

When you decide to do something, do it. Don't delay and don't change their opinions.

Make differently.

Don't be a slave to your habits. Do differently what you are doing always the same. Look for more creative ways to do something in their daily lives.


When you start to do something that can improve your life, before you commit yourself to go with it to the end.

Change the tendency to laziness on the tendency of action.

Take laziness as an opportunity for the development of the will. If you do not succumb to laziness, you will increase your will.

What you can do once, you can always make.

If you can not to succumb to the bad habit once, you will eventually be able to overcome it completely.

Start again and again.

Build your will power is not achieved in one day. Need time to overcome the habits of many years. No matter how many times you have failed, start again.

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