Mansa Musa - All-Time Richest Man in the World

Have you ever heard about the all-time richest man named Mansa Musa? His wealth was hard to count and his kingdom stretched out to cover the territory of several modern states.

Mansa Musa

You will not find his name on the list with 50 richest people of the world. However, he is considered to be the all-time leader of that list. Specialists claim that no man could ever get more wealth than he possessed.

Mansa Musa was an African king, basically the ruler of Mali Empire. He became a king in 1312, and despite the poverty which many European countries faced in the view of constant wars, his kingdom prospered and his wealth was being increased all the time.

Mansa Musa king

Mansa was a good warrior and a strategist; thanks to these qualities he increased the territory of his kingdom up to 2,000 miles within 25 years of being the king of Mali. He included a certain territory of Nigeria as a part of his kingdom as well as Burkina Faso, Niger, Gambia and other modern countries.

Historians also say that he was a follower of Islam and a very dedicated one, too. Thus, after he annexed the city of Timbuktu, he built a major mosque there. The mosque still stands, and you are welcome to check it out.

Mansa Musa mosque

Being a Muslim, he once decided to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca as it is a very important ritual in Islam. He took a great number of his slaves and servants. As the eyewitnesses wrote it down back then, he had so many people with him, that you could see them stretched out for as far as your eye could see.

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On his way we visited Cairo. As the historic sources say he got so generous with the poor Egyptians and gave out so much money that the whole country later suffered from an enormous inflation for at least next few years.

Mansa Musa mecca

Moreover, Mansa Musa got so famous and influential at his own time that his image was added to the main of those times and kept there for a long time after. The map I am talking about is known as the Catalan Atlas and it served as the main world map of medieval times.

Catalan Atlas

Mansa Musa died in 1337. He was remembered as the greatest king of all times. Mali Empire was at the peak of its prosperity and political success during his reign. He was so dedicated to his own people that constructed numerous schools, mosques, universities and even libraries (which cost a real fortune at that time) across the Empire.

Historians call the period of his reign “the golden age” of Mali Empire. Later his son, Maghan I, became the next ruler. The wealth of his father was so enormous that neither Maghan I nor his successors had ever known what it might feel like to be poor.

So be sure that next time you hear someone talking about Bill Gates as the richest person to remind him of the great story of Mansa Musa who was so rich and prosperous that even his successors lived on his wealth for many years.

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