Motivation minute: How to give up giving up?

How to motivate yourself so you will never give up and will achieve all your goals? Chek the best and proven tips here!

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Probably you, as many other people have ever felt that you are about to give up.  There are cycles of enthusiasm, excitement, creativity, and they are typically followed by discouragement, despair,  and the desire to quit.

In order to succeed, you must break through the despair and carry on until the finish line. Here are seven things to do when you feel like you want to give up.

1.    Understand why you want to give up

Understand why you want to give up

Determine the reasons why you want to give up. Probably you are physically tired or have no support. Do you have a lack of ability or didn’t care about yourself in the process? Do you have some difficulties for which you were unprepared?

Basically, it can be any reason. All you need is to figure what the real issues are and address them specifically. When you realize what the reasons are, it will be easier to find the solution and continue to move on.

2.    Make a plan and have a backup

 Make a plan and have a backup

 There are various ways to create an outlined plan of actions. You should have it before you start doing anything. You can make a breakout chart, write a list or form a checklist for tasks completed along the way.


When you have a plan, you can always check your step and get an additional portion of inspiration, because you will see how much you have already accomplished. Have a backup plan in mind before beginning. This way when you are frustrated and want to give up, you will have an alternative plan to put in action.

3.    Remember why you began

Remember why you began

Remember the joy of adventure which you had at the moment when the goal, project or concept was conceived. At that time you had a beautiful picture of your goal in the mind. You was so inspired, and the beginning was simple, but carrying through has become difficult.

Go back to the beginning and recover the purpose in your head. Remember the reason why you started at the first time. This will light you up, and you will continue with a renewed enthusiasm.

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4.    Visualize your goal

Visualize your goal

Visualization is a really powerful tool for achieving goals. Always keep in mind the picture of the result, because it will keep you moving forward. You also, can paint your goal or find a picture of it and stick it above your working desk so that you will see it very often. It will motivate you. Also, you can create kind of the map of wishes. To do it, you should put pictures of your goals to the big poster and put it in place where you always will see it.

Visualize your goal

The feeling of being a quitter is not pleasant, so be a winner, don’t give up partway through! Whenever you want to quit, ask yourself, do you want the thrill of victory? Or would you rather the agony of defeat? Remember, that you can do it, don’t give up!

5.    Be grateful

Be grateful

Always remember to be grateful even if you are struggling and feeling like giving up because you are overwhelmed at this particular moment. In this case, just stop for a moment and make a list of the things you are grateful for in your life. When you change you focused from being depressed to being grateful, your situation, which seemed inconsolable, will take on a new light.

Be grateful

To change focus, you should shift your attitude to the situation from negative to positive. Try to find positive things in every situation and be thankful for them. Take on an attitude of gratitude and you will be amazed at the difference in makes.

6.    Look for support

  Look for support

Don’t isolate yourself and don’t hide your feelings when you are about to give up. Remember that there are many people who have the same problem with you or who already overcome a similar crisis. Most of them struggling with frustration, fear, and feelings of doubts.

  Look for support

 You can look for support among your family members, co-workers, and friends or even in online forums or social media. If you have someone to talk to and rid yourself of what is dragging you down and causing you to want to quit, you will strengthen your courage and get back on the course.

7.    Celebrate victories

Celebrate victories

Instead of being depressed that you still need to do so much, write the list of accomplishments you have already completed. When you see that, you will become excited to take more actions until the finish line.

Celebrate victories

You deserve to acknowledge all the victories, you have reached with your efforts. Moreover, it is beneficial for your future triumphs. If you are celebrating the progress, you will renew your energy to finish what you are doing. For example, you can buy some new clothes, go to the cafe to eat icecream or visit the spa. It should be something very pleasant and motivational for you.

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