Usain Bolt - the greatest athlete who won the third successive Olympic gold

What is the secret of Usain Bolt’s success? And what are his biggest achievements, dreams and ambitions? Read this article to see what we know about it.

Usain Bolt

Thirty-year-old Usain Bolt is a pure miracle. He is the first man in the history to hold nine gold Olympic medals in consecutive Olympics in 2008, 2012, 2016. He is the owner of numerous Winner’s title in different World’s Championships, and a great personality to look up.

This sprinter comes from Jamaica. He started running as a child and has never stopped on the achievements he already had. He first became a legend when at his first Olympic Games he got two gold medals both for 100 meters and 200 meters. This has never happened before, so Usain Bolt drew much attention. Moreover, the same year he broke the record for 4 * 100 meters relay and got his famous Lightning Bolt nickname.

He is considered to be a pure miracle, as he proved to be the best of the best three Olympic Games in a row. This is the first time this ever happened in the history of the Olympics. But Olympic Games is not his only stage of grand victory. He became the World’s Champion eleven times. All these medals he got in the period between 2009 and 2015. He only had one false-start at the Championship of 2011 when his participation did not bring him his gold medal.

Usain Bolt’s speed

Usain Bolt is believed to be the most successful sprinter ever. Moreover, this sprinter is the first one ever to win both 100 meters and 200 meters competitions. He is the holder of the Record-breaker title, and not just once. Usain Bolt broke the record at the Olympic Games in 2008 when he set the absolute record of 9.69 seconds for 100 meters. However, later in 2009 he outdid himself and set a new world’s record of 9.58 seconds in this competition.

An interesting fact is that after he had come first at the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, Usain Bolt was interviewed by different reporters, and they claim as if he stated that he was not at all tired after the sprint. He even claimed to slow down a little bit by the end of the race to give other athletes a chance. So the sprints are not a problem for him, and he is ready to accept new challenges and gain new titles.

In addition to that, Usain Bolt set world’s records at 200 meters competition as well. In 2008 he ran 200 meters in 19.30 seconds, and then he outdid himself and ran the same distance in 19.19 seconds a year later. It is no secret that Usain Bolt holds several more titles and awards for his incredible talents and abilities.

Usain Bolt’s net worth

However, the athlete stated that after the Championship in 2017 he is going to leave the big sport. As he explains, he has nothing else to prove to the sports world. He already is a legend and he can do barely anything more astonishing than he already did.

The reporters note that Usain Bolt is quite ambitious. He has all the reasons for it. Nevertheless, he mentioned that wants to see his name in the Hall of Fame among the names of the other Great ones of this world. He says that after he has gained three more titles at the Olympic Games of 2016 in Rio, he will be waiting to see what the mass media say about him and wait for a moment when they call him one of the greatest humans ever known.

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Usain Bolt said that his biggest ambition is to be called as excellent as once Pele and Muhammad Ali were. He said these words on August 9, 2016, before the Olympic Games in Rio. His another hero is Michael Phelps, who is believed to be the all-time record-breaker at the Olympic Games. He holds 23 gold medals, and he is the athlete Usain Bolt looks up to.

Usain Bolt’s record

As Usain commented on his titles, and sports career, the only thing he was always aiming for in sports is to be called another all-time hero just like his idols. Bolt was determined and disciplined enough to overcome a lot of other world’s greatest athletes on his way to this goal. As Daily Post state, becoming a hero was the only reason why he came to the Olympic Games. Now, as Usain believes, he did everything he could do for this sport, he wants to quit and enjoy his fame.

To get a better perspective on Usain Bolt’s speed, journalists created a chart where the top speed of the athlete at the Olympics was compared to the speed of particular animals and other Olympic champions. So imagine a cheetah whose top speed is approximately 70 miles per hour. Then comes an antelope with its 61 mph and a gray wolf with his 35 miles per hour. These animals and the speed they reach when chasing prey are impressive. Right after them goes a regular domestic cat that can reach as much as 30 miles per hour. And then comes the fastest sprinter of all times, Usain Bolt, with his 27.7 miles per hour at the Olympics.

The general rules of the Olympics state that an athlete should be able to reach at least 22 miles per hour to qualify for the Games. Usain’s idol, Michael Phelps, swam with the speed of 6 miles per hour.

usain bolt running

Being a successful athlete is prestigious. Moreover, it pays you for all the effort. That is why Usain Bolt made it to the list of highest-paid celebrities according to Forbes investigation. In 2016 Usain Bolt was ranked to be #32 of the celebrities with the biggest salaries in the world. In his thirties, Usain makes $2.5 million as an athlete and gets $30 million more from the sponsors like Puma that alone pays him $10 million a year for wearing their shoes.

It is important to note that he gets at least $400,000 for just attending certain events along with other endorsements. Trusted sources state that Usain Bolt’s net worth is $30 million. Given his dedication to sports it is no big surprise, he is single, but the mass media cannot wait for him, to leave the sports and start the search for the love of his life.

Here is the video of Usain Bolt at the Olympic Games 2016. Enjoy his triumph and keep your fingers crossed at the World’s Championships in 2017 where he will appear as a star athlete for the last time.

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