What are the best business ideas for Nigerian students?

The main objective of any student is to pass tests and examinations. But time in the busy lives of young people is such a thing that never be in enough amount.


If you are a student, you know perfectly that you need to your comrades and what for they are willing to pay. For example, somebody has failed to get by his exam, what to do and how to pass it perfectly? Or for the exam you need to prepare a report. And if the money is far from being in the last place in your, in such situations, you can act.

As a student you have the opportunity to lay the first building block for their future financial independence, everything will depend on your willingness and ingenuity. We have prepared the most promising options for student businesses that are easy to implement as soon as possible.

Earnings for the students on the students. 10 options

1) Make the crib notes for comrades.

Producing a good cheat sheet is an art. But you do not even need to know the subject in which you will do "cribs", all the information is on the Internet and in books.

There are many variants of the cribs, from the colorless ink and finishing writing cribs under the microscope. Many of the most sophisticated options be can find on the Internet.


2) Personal assistance in the exam.

In addition, students use cribs and other methods for passing the examination. Your direct participation, for example, getting by the exam with the help of a mobile phone.

3) Writing essays and diplomas.

It should be noted that in this area prices are quite different. Each order is evaluated individually. Everything depends on the demands, the subject and the need for  the graphic representation of the results of research, etc. The most common period of performance of such orders is from 3 days to a week in the case of abstracts, and from 7 days -… For more serious scientific work. When urgent orders, customers must pay an additional 20% of the original price.

The further development of this business idea for students is the opening their own office space and registration as a private entrepreneur. Of course, this is possible with an increase in the popularity of services and expanding the customer base. As a result, significantly increase the degree of confidence on the part of potential customers. Creation of your own Internet resource will contribute to the growth of the customer base. And it is desirable to cooperate with existing digital libraries, which will significantly increase the volume of work.

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It is the most lucrative earnings on students, but it requires knowledge of the subject, because it's hard to write about what you do not know. Here, too, can be a little wiggle.

You can agree for writing, but the work will be done not by yourself,  just give the knowledgeable person and receive a percentage.


4) The organization of purchases from foreign sites.

Students like no other people who like to dress up and want to use the latest gadgets. You certainly have a suggestion to get exclusive things at a lower price due to the formation of collective orders. You can take over the organization of purchases of clothing and small electronics from foreign sites, while gaining organizational interest. Read more about Shopping - selling clothes on foreign websites.

5) Sale of unique products.

If you know how to use the Internet and know where you can get news, or simply interesting items, then why not offer these products to your fellow students.


6) Home based business.

There are plenty of opportunities household earnings without investment for example serigraphy or printing photos, or you can grow plants, such as carnivorous plants. A product to sell through classmates.

7) Access to unique content.

If you have a good relationship with the person who has access to the archives of diplomas and abstracts, it is a gold mine. Lots of unique materials, which cost a lot of money. Such files can be stored both electronically and in hard copy. So find out who you have to know and tie the acquaintance with him.

8) Exams for the money.

If you have a desire to earn money is not quite legal way and if only in your high school there are teachers who take money for exams, you can connect to this process and to act as a mediator. But to do it very carefully. While there are those teachers who take bribes, there will be students who can earn on this.

9) Organization of tours and activities.

In this case, you will be able to work with travel agencies and all kinds of entertainment centers, as well as recreation centers. Your task is to gather a group and get a percentage.


10) Renting apartments per hour.

Renting apartment.. the name speaks for itself. Not all students have the opportunity to be with their second halves in a secluded place. You can rent an apartment for a long time far from university and give keys to it for your fellow students. Thus, you will have a flat and earnings.

The student always needs income, which requires a minimum investment, but it should be understood that the smaller the financial investment, the greater the physical investments. And it is normal for a student!

Today, private Internet page of the university and even school - are not uncommon. But the information contained on such websites is relevant and interesting to students. All these projects are based on an identical pattern: the story places, faculty, alumni, etc. Why not create a resource with a variety of administrative data, news, student and student life, a job offer, the materials for the learning process, scanned lectures, etc...

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