What are the best jobs allowing to work from home?

If you are a mother or a student or live in a remote area, the best work solution for you is working from home. But what are the best options are there on the market? Keep reading to find out.

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If you asked for a remote employment fifty years ago, the only option for you would be either homeschooling for your neighbors’ kids or being a craftsman. However, times change, and now the market of jobs that can be done from home is huge. There are jobs for people with absolutely different gifts and talents. And the best part about it is not only that you can be paid for doing what you are good at, but also for doing it in your pajamas without the need of leaving your apartment and going to the office that can be a long way from the place you live at.

Moreover, the benefit of “work from home” jobs is that they usually have the flexible working schedule. And who would not like that? You can choose the time to work on the projects whenever you feel ready for that. So here is what the statistics show on what the best and most popular jobs for people willing to work from home are.

Your number one choice might be a writer. You can work as a writer from home online that is why all you need is a working computer and a good Internet connection. Being a writer does not necessarily mean writing books, so do not be afraid if you never felt like coming up with a plot and writing the intriguing lines of your characters.

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Being a freelance writer today can mean that you will be writing articles on the topics suggested by your supervisor. Our world today is all about information. It is used to attract the attention of the users to a blog that sells goods or to a website. That’s why writing articles are one of the sides of being an online writer. Another option for an author is writing page content either on the social network pages or some other resources. This kind of writing is even more popular today. All you need to do to be such a writer is to be familiar with the topics you are requested to write about and be self-organized.

Some people find it difficult to work from home, as it means that there will be no or not enough supervision for them. If you are not self-organized, then maybe work from home is not your best career choice. You should consider working at the office, or at least ask someone to be there for you and setting strict deadlines for your work to be done. If working at the office is still not a good choice for you, you can consider taking a course on how to help yourself to be self-organized and how to arrange your working day in such a way that you will be able to do everything on time. Try to eliminate your biggest distractions and stay focused and tuned up to good work.

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The other choice for you among numerous career options that suggest working from home is the editor. Since many people choose to write articles and other content, there is the great need for people that will be able to edit the content and make sure that it complies with all the grammar and lexical laws. So consider becoming an editor if you want to work from home. For that, you need to have a command of language you will be editing the texts in. If you want to be editing in English, there are numerous courses you can take online. Most of these courses include lectures by prominent specialists in the area as well great assignments that will make sure you have mastered the material. So take some time and learn the grammar.

The other thing you might consider learning before applying for a position of an editor is different programs and applications that can be helpful here. With the emergence of the editorial profession, more and more companies develop their own special apps to help them check texts faster and more efficient. You can use these programs while working from home as an editor, and it will also help you find the job in the area, as most employers are willing to hire people that have knowledge and understanding of useful resources.

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To find the job as an editor to work from home, you can either register with one of the most popular websites freelancers like Elance, oDesk or even Guru. You can also search for popular blog posts and offer them your services through the “Contacts” tab.

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The third most popular choice for an online job you can do from home is that of a translator. There is constant need for people knowing several languages and being able to translate specific information into one of them. The most popular languages that usually have spots open for freelance translators are English, German, Chinese, Spanish and French. However, even though the demand for other less popular languages is lower, people that speak rarer languages like Thai, Ukrainian or Korean can always find a spot for them on the market.

To be a qualified translator, one has to know both the language and use it to be able to adapt translation to the norms of the live language. You should also consider taking a course or two on grammar and punctuation of both the source and the translation languages. Make sure that you are acquainted with the most common documents layouts in both languages, as often the clients will be asking you to translate some technical documentation or specifications. So take everything into consideration when choosing the best job you can do from home.

Another great career choice for people willing to work from home is providing people with consulting services in different areas including marketing, SEO or even IT field. If there is an area of your expertise, you can become a consultant online and help professionals that have questions about certain things in the profession. As the practice shows, there is a demand for specialists online. So why not joining the team of these professionals?

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Another option for people willing to work from home is being an engineer. With the development of technologies, there is no such a necessity as working in the office. One can easily use specially-designed programs and application both to stay in touch with the whole team and be an engineer. Jong the projects that already exist: to do that, register with one of the freelance bases and search for open positions. Expand your profile with the examples of your work as well as certificates for the courses taken in this field.

Another popular career chosen by people that want to work from home is the job in customer support. This job requires you to be excellent at the field you will work at. For instance, working as a customer support representative for Google is a demanding job for which you will need to know the products well and be able to answer the questions of the clients that can ask you anything starting from the principle pf work or the reason something is not functioning the way the client wanted it to.

Moreover, you need to be patient enough, as not all the clients will be friendly and polite. Some of them will blame for all the faults of the application itself. It is not always easy to work with such people, so think twice before applying for a job in this field. As the Life Hack resource states, there are at least sixty thousand people working as freelance customer support representatives on the oDesk website and more than a thousand on Elance.

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With the constantly growing number of new goods and services, there is constantly growing the need for people who can sell them. This job means that you would probably need to either be calling someone, or search for potential clients, or come up with strategies of how to increase the sales of the company. It depends on what the company has in its vision and how good their marketing department is. If you are persuasive enough and feel comfortable offering people goods and services in person or over the phone, apply for a position of a sales representative right now. This is a perfect choice for people that want to work from home. If you are good at this, you can also work on commission. The best professionals get most of their money from the sales they make. So why not trying?

Of course, a software developer is on our list. Again, thanks to the growing number of technological advances, developers can work from home as well as from any part of the world where a good Internet connection is established. This means that you can travel the world and still be there working a few hours a day for the company of your choice. That is what makes this profession so desirable these days.

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Moreover, software developers are the most paid freelancers on our list. Their salaries are growing faster than those of any other profession, which is also its great benefit. It is also worth mentioning that this job is international. The languages you code in are standard for people coming from all parts of the world. The only thing you should learn to be an effective developer is the language of communication with the team you work with.

Being a software development is a creative job that gives you an opportunity to create new applications and programs as well as improve the old ones. You should be able to come up with unusual solutions to the problems the program you are working on faces. If you have the ability of thinking creatively, then try learning one of the languages of the software development and get into the market.

Another option for people willing to work from home is becoming a web designer. Since a lot of the businesses are going online, you can get into the market if you are capable of creating functional and attractive websites, logo or whatever else you can do with these skills. At least 40,000 web designers are employed trough oDesk only. SO imagine how many more people are involved into this area through other resources.

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Finally, with a growing number of professions, companies and businesses need more professionals to work for them. Therefore, you can always become a recruiter or a headhunter and work from home. This job still means that you will have to get out of your house for some interviews, but just imagine that great feeling when you help a person looking for a job find one and help the company to solve their need for a professional. It is a job worth doing, and so think at least 10 thousand people that registered with Elance and oDesk and are employed as recruiters now.

As you see, there are plenty of ways for you to work from home. All you need is to understand what area you want to work in and enough knowledge of certain areas. Work from home employment is not a myth but a reality for many people these days. There are many jobs and careers you can pursue if you are looking for an opportunity both to work and be at home. Just take your time and register. Good luck in your search!

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